GDF Sergeant flips-flops on plea to multi-million dollar cash, raw gold armed robbery

Last Updated on Tuesday, 10 August 2021, 14:12 by Denis Chabrol

The Guyana Defence Force Sergeant Keyon King on Tuesday flipped-flopped on his plea, changing from guilty to not guilty to robbery under arms allegedly committed on Wallison’s Enterprise gold dealership last week Thursday.

During his appearance earlier Tuesday, he had pleaded guilty to one count of robbery of GYD$58 million worth of gold and cash he was expected to be sentenced at 1:30 PM.

But on his return, he pleaded not guilty to all four counts of robbery under arms.

Co-accused 36-year old Delroy Jackson also known as Bug, and 36-year old Peon Lee also known as Lee or Nino Brown pleaded innocent earlier Tuesday and they were remanded to prison until August 24, 2021.

Lawyers Dexter Todd and Dexter Smart represented Jackson, and Jacy Archibald represented Lee.

The men allegedly robbed Wallison’s Enterprise Wallison Enterprise of $30 million and 60 ounces of raw under the pretext of wanting to sell raw gold.

Police said $18 million have been dug up from the yard of one of the suspects.

The trio was also charged with robbing, under arms, Fernanda Carmicheal of  one IPhone worth $350,000;  Francis Santos Lumes of one gold chain  valued $140,000 , one ring  $60,000 and cash $14,000, and  William Batista Dasilva of  $60,000 and an IPhone.