PNCR Central Executive members accuse Granger, Ally of unilateral action

Last Updated on Thursday, 15 July 2021, 10:03 by Denis Chabrol

Several executive members of the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) are calling on their party leader David Granger and General Secretary Amna Ally to cease taking unilateral action in violation of decisions taken by the Central Executive Committee (CEC).

The statement notes that Mr. Granger and Ms. Ally are subjected to CEC decisions, being the highest decision forum in the absence of Congress and General Council.

“Members of the PNCR, we must decide on which side of history we choose to be. Are we going to be on the side of history and good practice and abide by the Constitution of our great Party or are we going to accept these breaches of our constitution and unilateral decision making?,” the CEC members said in a statement issued on July 14, 2021.

One of the Central Executive members confirmed that the authenticity of the statement, but declined to say how many have endorsed it.

Issued on the eve of a virtual event to mark the 10th anniversary of the PNCR-led A Partnership for National Unity+Alliance For Change (APNU+AFC), the CEC members expressed grave concern that Mr. Granger allegedly ignored a decision to put on hold further engagement with the unknown Guyana National Builders Movement and the Equal Rights and Justice Party. Instead, the CEC members said in their statement that the symbols of those two parties were included in APNU’s emblem for its 10th anniversary celebration.

Ms. Ally has already stated that APNU is governed by its own rules, but the source said that “for the partnership to have any say on anything, there must be concurrence from their executives.. They have to go with a position from their respective parties.” The PNCR and its Leader has not held a news conference for several months now, and he has previously  shunted questions to Ms. Ally.

“The most recent disregard is the “one man” decision by Mr David Granger to go ahead and commit the PNCR to continue its involvement and accept two recently formed parties as part of the APNU. The actions of Mr David Granger are without any doubt unconstitutional and an affront to the membership of our Party. He will not be allowed to reduce the PNCR into a “One Man Show”,”  the party said.

The CEC members said that although the CEC had decided to put on hold any engagement with those “shell” parties, Mr. Granger and Ms. Ally went ahead and announced their engagement. “Further, the CEC, at its last meeting, specifically mandated Mr David Granger and Ms Amna Ally to put on hold any further involvement of the PNCR with the APNU until the status of that Partnership was fully discussed and decisions on the way forward are taken. Notwithstanding the Party’s decision, Mr Granger went ahead and publicly advertised that the PNCR has accepted these two shell parties as part of the APNU.

After that disregard, the CEC reminded Mr David Granger of the Party’s decision on the matter and expected that that would be the end of it until we have internal Party discussions. Members, we are now witnessing this latest disregard of the Party’s decision, compounded by Mr Granger affixing the symbols of these two non-approved parties onto a programme purported to be that of the APNU for its 10th Anniversary Celebrations. That is a “one man show” which the Party will not allow Mr Granger to get away with. Therefore, the Party does not recognize these two shell parties as part of the APNU,” the CEC members stated.

The group of CEC members said they were meeting with fellow party faithful to inform them that there will be a Congress before the end of this year. It is for this reason that we are meeting to let you know that there is a “Congress Convening Sub-committee” and work has begun in earnest to hold our overdue Congress.

“Members of the PNCR, let us come together, hold Congress, elect new leadership, and continue the development this great Party to take back office at the next general and regional elections,” they said.