Associated Brands workers fake robbery of company’s earnings

Last Updated on Saturday, 12 June 2021, 12:37 by Denis Chabrol

A driver/ salesman of Associated Brands and two co-workers have been arrested for faking a GYD$500,000 robbery at the Stabroek Market Square.

The driver/salesman alleged that the robbery occurred at about 2 PM Friday.

However, when police said when they checked surveillance video recordings, they said they found no evidence of the incident and confronted the driver/ salesman.

Investigators alleged that the driver/salesman admitted to concocting the robbery and took the money for himself.

He also identified the colleagues who he arranged to collect the money from him and as a result of information received,  police arrested one of the alleged co-conspirators on Regent Street with a red haversack on his back.

The man told police that the driver/salesman gave him the money.

They were all arrested and statements taken.

Police say the driver/salesman, who is employed by Associated Brands, of ‘A’ Goedverwagting East Coast Demerara, had initially reported that he had gone to the Stabroek Square to deliver the company’s products to their customers and receive payments.

He had said that as items were being delivered, he stayed in the tray of the truck counting the day’s sales when he was confronted by two bandits who entered the vehicle and they successfully demanded the money that had been in a black plastic bag.

He complied and handed over the money, after which the bandits made good their escape north along Water Street.