Police cracking down on robbers moving around on bikes

Last Updated on Wednesday, 21 April 2021, 14:51 by Denis Chabrol

Amid continuing concern about the prevalence of robberies by bandits moving around on bicycles and motorcycles, the Guyana Police Force on Tuesday said it was taking aim at those criminals, even as  that law enforcement agency reported a reduction in armed robberies.

“Recognising that criminal minded persons have been riding motor cycles and bicycles in their robbery attacks on citizens, extensive campaigns are ongoing in the Police Divisions to reign in and detain  these vehicles and arrest persons where applicable,” police said in a statement.

No figures were provided showing how many reports of robberies have been committed by bandits who are moving around on cycles. The Police Force also does not routinely release information on all robberies that have been committed, resulting in many of them not being reported by the media.

Police said despite its crime fighting posture,  members of the public must remain security conscious as they go about their daily endeavours and urge that, in addition to other safety precautions,  they seek to refrain from moving around with large sums of cash and avoid routines in their movements,  wherever practical.

While police said a number of motorcycles and bicycles have been detained and are being processed to determine whether they have been stolen and other issues, that civilian law enforcement agency reported a 38.4% decrease in armed robberies in which firearms were used by the perpetrators and a 47.7% decrease in armed robberies where other instruments were used.

Police said that overall there has been a 29.8 percent decrease in serious crimes for 2021 so far compared to the same period last year. Specifically, police said there has been a 22.9 percent drop in the number of homicides, with 37 to date this year compared to 48 for  the same period last year.

No reference was made to the number of domestic-related crimes and sexual offences.

Police said there have been intelligence led strategies including mobile, foot and bicycle patrols; roadblocks, raids and searches among others; along with the support of the Community Policing Groups.

The Guyana Police Force says it is looking forward to the continued support of the public who can confidentially communicate tips and information to the Force through the following numbers.



Region # 1​​-​777-5007/688-7084

Region # 2​​-​771-5004/774-4222

Region # 3​​-​268-2338/2329

Region # 4 ‘A’​-​227-1149/225-3064


Region # 4 ‘B’​-​608-2284/ 2160251/0252/0253

Region # 4 ‘C’​-​229-2700-2750/2019

Region # 5​​-​232-0313/232-0291

Region # 6​​-​333-2151/333-5564

Region # 7​​-​455-2222/2241/2238

Region # 8​​-​638-8440

Region # 9​​-​772-2087/2005

Region # 10​-​444-3429/444-3512/3297​