West Demerara Superbet operator says robbed of GYD$2.3 million

Last Updated on Wednesday, 31 March 2021, 17:10 by Denis Chabrol

A West Bank Demerara businessman, who owns two Superbet outlets,  says he was robbed of GYD$2.3 million

Police did not identify the victim but says he also manages five other Superbet locations, all of which are located on the West Bank Demerara.

However, he was quoted as telling investigators that the money, a cellular phone  and two bunches of keys were stolen from him.

The incident occurred last night at about 10: 24 at his West Bank Demerara residence by two identifiable males who were both armed with handguns.

He told police that he had just pulled up in front of his home in his motor car after he had visited all of his outlets and had collected the GYD$2.3 million.

He says as he was about to exit his car he was approached by the two men- both wearing black jerseys and dark coloured pants.

He says one of the bandits placed a handgun to his abdomen and the other placed a handgun to his head and said” Don’t say anything, where is the money”.

The businessman says one of the bandits entered his vehicle and grabbed  two bags containing the cash and a bunch of keys while the other male took away his cellular phone, his car and house keys and escaped in a black wagon.