Harmon to check with doctor before taking COVID vaccine

Last Updated on Wednesday, 31 March 2021, 17:26 by Denis Chabrol

Joseph Harmon.

Opposition Leader Joseph Harmon on Wednesday said he would check with his doctor before possibly taking a COVID-19 vaccine.

“I will be advised by my doctor and based on that advice, I will make my decision,” he told a virtual news conference.

Mr. Harmon is 67 years old. The Health Ministry on Wednesday began administering the jab countrywide to persons 60 years and older.

He stressed that taking the vaccine is a “personal issue” and most persons would be advised based on health problems that they might have. “if they ay have pre-existing conditions that would affect it, then so be it,” he added.

Mr. Harmon said he would advise persons, who have received the green light from their doctors to take the jab, but at the same time “it must be a personal choice.” “Nobody can force you because there is no requirement at this stage for any law that says you must, a compulsory law that says you must take it,” he said.

The Opposition Leader notes that even if persons take the vaccines, they can still catch the COVID-19 virus.

Experts say the vaccine minimises the severity of the respiratory illness.