OPINION: Time for APNU+AFC to explore living with PPPC -Sam Hinds

Last Updated on Sunday, 22 March 2020, 18:56 by Writer

By Samuel Hinds

Like many other Guyanese, I have been finding the letters of Mr GHK Lall learned and erudite and entertaining, yet, even so, a little troubling in its study purveying of us the PPP/C as being much the same as the PNC/R/APNU+AFC. Not so. Great and significant are the differences between us in beliefs, world view, actions and history.

I have before me the recent OPINION: “I am not interested in who should win but in all that is lost.” At this time of crisis, I must go beyond recognizing those letters as pieces demonstrating the art of great writing. At this time of crisis, I will be frank: I do think that however well intended they have been and continue to be the views advocated such as this one have been sweet nourishment to those in the leadership of the PNC/R/APNU+AFC who have been having their way in an open bullied grabbing of our 2020 elections, dressing it up as a win and making a travesty of our laws. To see and yet not see all of that is to excuse and greatly nourish those ‎perversions.

At a minimum, commend Dominic Gaskin; commend Joe Singh and CN Sharma. At a minimum, denounce the open nationally and internationally evident acts which successfully frustrated the transparent counting of District 4 votes and denounce the purported declaration of fraudulent numbers on which some number of persons are actively or passively colluding in accepting, hell-bent on imposing a government of their own choice.

If it is that the leadership elite of the PNC/R/APNU+AFC ‎cannot stomach living with the PPP/C in office, then let them put that on the table and with the true reasons why. We may then know whether there are prospects for reconciling or whether we should be resigning ourselves to a parting.

As I laid out in my letter, “We Guyanese may be approaching our moment of truth and reconciliation”, I am very much aware of the challenges we face in coming together from our different distant starting points. I do believe that the leadership elite of the PNC earlier and the PNC/R/APNU+AFC now, dismayed and alarmed by the slow but growing success of the PPP and PPP/C, in bringing Guyanese together, in spite of all our real and perceived faults, find it imperative for them to keep the PPP/C out of office, however openly and brazenly and bizzarely, and at whatever cost to our People and Nation.

And in that the letters of GHK may have been their unwitting, unintended ally.

Samuel Hinds is a Canadian-trained chemical engineer. He is the former Prime Minister and President of Guyana.