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OPINION: Say what you may about the PNCR. It’s a more democratic Party than the PPP

By Retired Rear Admiral Dr Gary Best  Apart from the glimmer, glamour, and dancing imitations, not to mention the short skit showing disdain for the nation teachers’ struggle for better salaries and benefits, the PPP’s exceptionally long-overdue congress brought nothing new. Certainly, no real changes. What the PPP said were ‘changes’ is a camouflage for it remaining the same. In ...

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OPINION: Time for APNU+AFC to explore living with PPPC -Sam Hinds

By Samuel Hinds Like many other Guyanese, I have been finding the letters of Mr GHK Lall learned and erudite and entertaining, yet, even so, a little troubling in its study purveying of us the PPP/C as being much the same as the PNC/R/APNU+AFC. Not so. Great and significant are the differences between us in beliefs, world view, actions and ...

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OPINION: Prisoner’s Dilemma and a call to extend and reform

Guyana’s political establishment is faced with a version of the Prisoner’s Dilemma. By Terrence R. Blackman (PhD) and Thomas B. Singh (PhD) July 11, 2019 The Prisoner’s Dilemma is a well-known concept in modern game theory. It is a paradox in decision analysis in which two players, each acting in her own self-interest, will fail to produce the optimal outcome.  ...

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