Cellular phones seized from Georgetown-based prisoners after Facebook post

Last Updated on Sunday, 9 June 2019, 18:10 by Writer

Facebook post from the Georgetown Prison: “Me and my brothers boooom blast.. getting high as a motha f#(&”

Hours after prisoners at the Georgetown Prison showed off their picture-taking skills on Facebook, prison authorities on Sunday raided several cells and seized a number of phones, Director of Prisons Gladwin Samuels said.

He said all five prisoners, who featured in the Facebook picture, would be charged. Inmates are prohibited from being in possession of cell phones.

Samuels said five phones were found in the dormitory where the quintet posed for the picture that was posted at about 11 am Sunday on the Facebook profile of Randolph Rodrigues with the accompanying caption. “Me and my brothers boooom blast.. getting high as a motha f#(%”.

Two fires at the Georgetown Prison within the past four years have resulted in the death of 17 prisoners in one instance and the destruction of all the wooden colonial buildings that made up the maximum security jail.

The Prisons Director said the search “was beyond their dormitory also” that yielded the cellular phones.

The picture also showed the five inmates enjoying the luxury of a fan in the Georgetown Prison.

In the past, prison warders and relatives and friends of inmates have been caught attempting to smuggle narcotics and other items into the country’s jails.