Four hospitalised after gambling fracas

Last Updated on Sunday, 17 December 2017, 12:13 by Denis Chabrol

Four persons are hospitalized in serious conditions at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation after one was chopped and the others were struck down due to the deliberate,reckless and wanton driving of a 54-year old minibus driver who is an ex-policeman of Stewartville, West Coast Demerara, the Guyana Police Force said.

He is in custody and assisting with the investigation.

The victim, who was wounded, is Premnauth Basdeo,20 whilst the others have been identified as Amit Roy Jairam,44; Randy Melville,22 and Mohamed Ahamad,43.

The victims all reside at Meten -Meer-Zorg, West Coast Demerara. The incident occurred at Tarla Dam ,Meten-Meer-Zorg about 9:30 Saturday night.

“Initial enquiries revealed that the incident occurred as a result of a misunderstanding over a ‘game of chance ‘ at an entertainment activity,when the suspect went to his vehicle (minibus BTT5707) ,returned with a cutlass ,inflicted a wound to Basdeo’s head; he then returned to the vehicle and drove into a crowd that was attending to Basdeo and in the process Jairam was struck down,” police said.

Apparently not satisfied,the suspect returned in his vehicle at a very fast rate and struck down the other two victims who were among other persons attending to the injured, police said.

The victims,all unconscious ,were rushed to the West Demerara Hospital where they were treated and transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation.

Investigation in progress, police.