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Prisoner calls 911 and threatens to kill President

Director of Prisons, Gladwin Samuels

A prisoner Thursday morning allegedly called the emergency 911 number and threatened to kill the President, Director of Prisons, Gladwin Samuels said.

Wgen contacted, he confirmed to Demerara Waves Online News that police were questioning  the inmate of the Lusignan Prison about the alleged threat that he made.

“The prisoner is being questioned. The matter is being given the attention it needs so there is no delay in terms of having received the report and the SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) being kicked in for the necessary questioning to be done,” he saod.

He allegedly told the 911 operator when he leaves the prison, he would kill the President.

Sources said the prisoner named Alim Ally, who was convicted for assault, gave his name to the 911 operator in issuing the threat.

  • rs dasai

    By Name?

  • Col123

    OH Lawd me gawd!…another COI!… the dude owns the Ally Bank…

    • ExPPP_Man

      Magic bai , magic !! Some ole PNC needs a small piece, so it this is just a made up story to get him some money.

      • Col123

        Ex pnc dude… wha kind a problem you gat if we try to mek some money…abee gat the gud life now… you should join us … instead a complaining and nat helping to build the country!

        • ExPPP_Man

          How yuh gwan accuse be of being a former PNc. you know very well me is babu, barn PPP; is just Jaggie kick me out like he did to nagga ras.

          • Col123

            Ex kkk dude…you betta become pnc fuh the good life boy…we gat a country to build up…and nuff nuff money coming!…don’t tek worries with the ppp… we making space in the jail fuh all a dem!

    • Terryann Alberts

      Yes how did he get a phone and what a Shock 911somebody finally answerve that line smh

  • Col123

    So my hero Mohammed Ali is a damn Indo!…you mean them Indos gat a knockout punch!

  • Col123

    Naggie passed im a phone!

  • Col123

    Must be Jaggie kid!

  • powerplayer

    Mr Home Affairs Minister Please tell us this is a joke My understanding is that there is chunks of money given to Guyana for your security sector improvement yet we seem to be in the 19th Century. Money sitting there not spent due to the space between our ears. Called operate head space. Backwardness

    All Phone calls leaving a prison should be recorded SOP in todays world.

    All Prisoners making phone calls are logged at Prison SOP in Todays world

    All phone calls made to 911 are recorded and stored with origin and location identified and electronically logged. SOP in todays world.

    As a matter of fact Mr Minister all calls within the Republic of Guyana should be identifiable or not be allowed to terminate. Thats called 100% caller ID

    Put that as a mandate for all phone services in Guyana. No cost to the Government of Guyana. Its been the Law in places like Israel and Saudi since 70’s

    • rs dasai

      Big deal . All calls are identifiable.

  • Col123

    That’s funny…Are you trying to say in defense, that the chap threatened to kill the Pres of the Mickey Mouse club?


    I do hope we are talking about a landline phone that he used because if it’s a cell phone, they need to lock up all the prison wardens, Guyana has become such a world class laughing stock mostly due to the incompetence of the “POLICE FARCE” and the “CROOKED PRISON OFFICERS” it make you wonder how this nation will fare with it’s Oil industry, if they can’t secure the nation how can they secure the country’s natural resources when they have more educated bandits called foreign investors, but it seems they didn’t learn anything from the jagdeo regime, it’s business as usual .