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Jagdeo welcomes AFC Canada’s withdrawal; Chapter hasn’t discussed endorsing any other political party

Left to right: AFC Chairman, Khemraj Ramjattan; party leader, Raphael Trotman; General Secretary, Marlon Williams and Youths For Change leader, Cynthia Rutherford (file photo)

Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo on Wednesday welcomed the decision by the Alliance For Change- Canada Chapter to withdraw from their political party, but the Chairman of that grouping Tameshwar Lilmohan said his grouping has not yet made up its mind about endorsing any other political grouping.

“They took a principled position and I saw the letter from that Chapter about how dishonest the leadership of the AFC has been with their members and that’s why, it’s not only Canada, right across the country, the AFC no longer exists across Guyana,” Jadgeo told a news conference one day after the AFC Canada Chapter released a letter that it sent last week to the party leadership in Guyana.

Apart from reactions by AFC Chairman, Khemraj Ramjattan the AFC has not issued any statement on the Canada Chapter’s withdrawal.

However, the Chairman of the AFC Canada Chapter, Lilmohan said his grouping has withdrawn  tentatively and has given the AFC top brass an opportunity to give into a number of their demands.  Asked whether teaming up with the PPP was an option, Lilmohan said that was not discussed. “We are not in a position at this stage to make a decision about joining any political force. We are going to give the AFC an opportunity to address the issues we have pointed out and this is where we stand.

In the meantime, whatever progressive methods, means and ways are possible to help the quest for democracy, the struggle for democracy, the struggle and quest for an objective view, accountability, national unity- we are prepared to support those measures but we are not aligned to any other political party for the time being,” he said.

He accused the AFC of having a “full alignment with the PNC (People’s National Congress) government” and has as a result lost its independence and purpose.

For his part, Jagdeo said the PPP has been attracting APNU supporters. “I have said to our party structures, people on the ground, supporters that those people who have been coming to us can find a place in our party ..many are joining our party, many don’t want to join but they are working on the ground helping us in the communities,” he said.

Those demands include denouncing the recent appointment of Retired Justice James Patterson as Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), revamping of the Cummingsburg Accord- a Valentine’s Day 2015 political pact between the AFC and the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR)-dominated A Partnership for National Unity  and embarking on reform of Guyana’s Constitution.

“This an open secret with all supporters and members of the AFC. There is a serious, serious lack of communication. There is a clear sense of disrespect after the election. No one has communicated with us. They have visited this country (Canada) on several occasions, senior members, and they have failed even to call the simplest of meetings,  never met with any of the members,” said Lilmohan who is also on the AFC’s National Executive Committee (NEC).

He flayed the AFC leadership for organising NEC meetings without putting in place proper telecommunication facilities for the diaspora representatives to participate. In his case, he said he has not participated in such meetings because the AFC has lost its independence. “The committee has no valuable function. It does not act in an independent manner in any way. It seems to carry the government line all the time and on many occasions they are set up in such a manner that you can’t participate in them through the telecommunication system they would have set up,” he said.

Jagdeo, who is also the PPP’s General Secretary, declared that the AFC has virtually disappeared as an electoral force. “They are done on the ground. Done! It exists only here in the coalition.”

The former Guyanese leader said the PPP was busy debunking accusations of corruption, racial discrimination, the alleged killing of 400 African Guyanese while he was in office and that Afro-Guyanese did not benefit significantly when the PPP was in government.

  • Second Coming

    Most, if not many, AFC supporters of Indian extraction are former PPP supporters who grew disillusioned with Jagdeo’s hijacking of the PPP to serve as his personal political vehicle to empowerment and enrichment.
    The fact that they are turning against the AFC is because the AFC appears to have no real voice or say in decision-making, even though it endorses decisions taken.
    There also appears to be no known decision taken by this government that actually originated from the AFC, and almost all appointments to top government jobs come from the APNU arm of the Coalition. How many persons recommended by AFC headed up Commissions of Inquiry or were appointed to fill top open jobs?
    The fact that these disillusioned AFC folks can’t say at this stage they will not support Jagdeo and the PPP is because they are open to doing so, but they don’t want to be seen as crawling back to the PPP, so Jagdeo, whom they once detested, has to crawl to them. And he will, even though he does not care about them or anyone.
    It may be that some, if not all, of them see Jagdeo and the PPP as a better alternative to the Coalition despite Jagdeo’s past corrupt leadership. Other past PPP supporters also see race as a motivating force to cover their nose and support Jagdeo and the PPP. Better a corrupt PPP than an incompetent Coalition in government?

  • Lancelot Brassington

    The PNC is living dangerously by not ensuring that the AFC has a significant role in the coalition. The AFC for its part needs to demand a such a role. The AFC has to be seen by the general public to be a partner that matters. A coalition government is not about allocating quotas and drifting along from day to day.
    The coalition needs to continue its ventures for improving governance and infrastructure, continue its moves against thieves from the past administration, and facilitate investment while at the same time suppressing new attempts to flout procedures and cut corners, particularly in the area of procurement. They also need to pursue constitutional reform in earnest and have regular, meaningful and productive engagement involving ALL partners, to ensure that they are all singing from the same hymnal. This must be seen to be happening. All partners also need to engage the grassroots energetically and bring their concerns to the table. The perception that the prime minister is not a very busy man also needs to be addressed. Perception whether accurate or inaccurate can be more important than reality. It would be helpful if Nagamootoo, Trotman and Ramjattan sported a shirt jac or regular shirt more often. Western style suits on a continuous basis make them seem ‘not of the people’.
    Jagdeo is nothing more than a hysterical lightweight but he has developed a knack for detecting fears and sensitivities and exploiting them. If the coalition can’t outmanoeuvre him that would be a serious indictment of its brain power.

    • Col123 must be a young chap… but you have more brains than those folks in the AFC……DON’T BLAME the PNC. Indos are natural azz holes….you are seeing that playing out for yourself!… them ead haaad and they gon pay dearly for it!… but maybe not….history told us that we folks bought up villages post emancipation …after hundred years of slavery….we later owned a country for twenty eight years and we as an ethnic group , except for a few..have nothing to show for it… no investment or business….whereas , them Indos prosper during those twenty eight years and have a grip on our economy…Do you really think that we bleck folks will ever control the economy in Guyana?…or ever have any wealth to show like them other folks!

      • Truth !

        demwaves = where is my post
        freedom of expression – the right 2 reply and debunk and expose racism and nansense

      • Ashwan Singh

        You are doing the most, in this country, of creating racial divisions among the population with your racist blogs.
        Oh you forgot to mention also in addition to “we later owned a country for twenty eight years” that you also f****d up the country !

        • Col123

          Ash…let’s pray bro… thought you were a pandit thingy…btw… how can you divide up a population that was already divided fuh years…….that Mona Lisa suit strangling you oxygen bhai !… or you math simply is terrible!

    • Truth !

      colon 69 = pnc dont need and want afc anymore
      afc is history – obsolete,irrelevant,gane fuh channa,dead meat in 2020 …

  • Col123

    Hey boy… you have a problem with bleck people!…I am alive and well…bunham is dead…and e took all a Guyana money and open a bar in hell weh all them loose women a hang out…a gat a job deh at the bar when a dead an gone!

  • Col123

    Estell..some bad news… you are not wid the times…that is schizoid personality!..

    • Estell


      Good Critics

      “To be a good critic a man must have all the essential elements of a good author; and yet, while we have but few good authors, even the solitary places and the wastes teem with critics.”

      • Col123

        Well… not bad!… you want to take a shot at defining judge?…I have the time!

  • Estell


    Sinful Self

    Any man who is good for anything, if he is always thinking about himself, will come to think himself good for nothing very soon.
    It is only a fool who can bear to look at himself all day long without disgust. And so the first thing for a man to do, who wants to use his best powers at their best, is to get rid of self-consciousness, to stop thinking about himself and how he is working, altogether.

    –Phillips Brooks

  • MyFun1

    Jagdeo is living in the past or an alternative world created by his demented mind. The Coalation is just fine the younger voters are on the side of racial integration & development, the days of “hap an jat” are over. The Canadian chapter needs to be more objective in their analysis & evaluation of Granger’s decision. May be Williams is seeing big Oil Dollars & wants to establish himself as a Power Broker for the AFC.

  • Col123

    Boy.. you a read that crap too!