Corentyne mason dies weeks after chopped 37 times by mentally ill neighbor

Last Updated on Monday, 30 October 2017, 12:28 by Denis Chabrol

DEAD: Mohammed Aslam

Fifty-four year-old Mohammed Aslam of Williamsburg, Corentyne on Sunday succumbed at the Georgetown Public Hospital, three weeks after he waa chopped by a suspect said to be of unsound mind.

The man’s wife, 54-year-old Bhasmattie Aslam,  on Monday told Demerara Waves Online News hat on Tuesday October 3rd, she was cooking in the yard and left to purchase an item at a near by shop.

On her way, she was confronted by the suspect who brandished a cutlass.
The man who, she stated , looked disoriented and lashed her several to her legs at which point she called on her husband to intervene.  “Me binna walk

Mother of suspected killer: Nonadevi Rigbaran

the yard and me reach barely near the shop and me see this bai running come and he stop infront me and then he watch me and just start lash me up on my foot and me hand and I holler for my husband. And he run out and try fah tek away the cutlass from he”.

Vijay Rigbaran

The grieving woman stated that the suspect quickly overpowered her husband and began brutally chopping him about his body with the sharp weapon. “He start chop up me husband all over her and back and so. Doctor said he get 37 chop all part he body”.

Bhasmattie Aslam said that despite calling for help, neighbors were reluctant to act. If help was provided, she said, her husband could have been alive today.

Wife of deceased: Basmatie Aslam

The bloody and mangled Aslam was picked up and transported to the Port Mourant Hospital and was subsequently transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he remained a patient in the Intensive Care Unit until his demise Sunday evening.

When asked if her husband and suspect had any issues, the woman rmsaid no.

She said the suspect who resides four houses away had occasionallt worked with her husband and had no issues in the past.

Meawhile, mother of the suspect, Nonadevi Rigbaran disclosed to Demerara Waves Online that days prior to the incident, her son 29-year-old Vijay Rigbaran was acting in a strange manner.  “Like three days before this thing happen he come and tell me seh mommy me nah feel right. Like me mah feel okay. And me seh you need rest and just brush it off”.

The distraught woman relayed that on the day in question, her son picked up the cutlass and began circling their house. “He pick up the cutlass and walk around the house and he daddy go and try fah tek way the cutlass and it cut he on he hand and the bai run out the yard and then next we hear he chop Aslam”.

The woman stated that her son had a nervous problem due to head injures he had  sustained in an accident a few years ago.  “He bin bust he head and get hard knock like about seven years ago and he does trouble with it so it mussie act up and he do this cause he and the man nah get no problem”.

The 29-year-old suspect has since been detained by police as part of investigations.

Mohamed Aslam leaves to mourn his wife, three children and other relatives.