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One dead, several injured in minibus smash-up

An unidentifief man was Sunday afternoon killed and several others injured in a smash-up involving a minibus and a Tacoma pick-up.
An eyewitness said the dead man’s teeth were on the ground and his neck was barely hanging on.
Persons at the scene said the minibus, Bvv 5273, was traveling east along D’urban Street, Georgetown when the pick-up, GRR 8350,  that was heading south along Smyth Street struck the bus
The bus turn over and crashed into a parked car outside Classique Sports Bar.
Up to late Sunday night, police did not issue a statement on the accident.
The injured were rushed to the Georgetown Hospital for emergency treatment.
  • Gtloyal

    For all that to happen, somebody had to be in a darn hurry.
    When will those in authority accept that unless they do something drastic as deterrent, both to speedsters and to corrupt, negligent or complacent traffic cops, people will continue to die on our roadways?

  • rudeo

    proceeding south on Smyth Street clearly said that the Tacoma did not stop at the Durban Street junction, as obligatory…….but innocent death and injuries resulted…..the traffic situation begs specialist intervention….whatever the police force is doing, planning and hoping for are NOT working.