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Police investigating plot to kill President Granger

by Gary Eleazar

The Guyana Police Force is currently investigating an assassination plot against President David Granger –a security challenge that government is taking seriously.

This was confirmed by Minister of State, Joseph Harmon, who today (April 20, 2017) during a post Cabinet briefing was asked if the administration was aware of the alleged plot and what actions are being taken.

According to Minister Harmon, the administration was supplied with the information by the Guyana Police Force and that the investigation is currently ongoing and as such “I don’t think we are at liberty to disclose.”

He did seek to point out that the investigators have sought legal advice on proceeding with the matter.

Demerara Waves understands that information of the plot surfaced sometime last month with a $7M bounty to shoot at President Granger during one of his outreaches reportedly already being paid.

Assuring confidence in the security forces to protect the president and other elected officials, Minister Harmon sough to point out that “security is not something you play with.”

Speaking to a possible motive, Minister Harmon suggested the president may simply be a victim of his populism across the country.

According to Harmon, “it’s important we understand while we have a popular president there are some times some people who are misguided.”

He suggested that such misguided persons can also be influenced easily into unsavoury copycat practices.

  • rs dasai

    Please. Such a matter is most serious and ‘should’ be kept ‘secret?’ for maximum security of The Prezi, always.

  • Dax23

    Killing the President? That’s absolutely ridiculous. Guyana would go a thousand and one steps backwards. The country will experience violence in unimaginable magnitude, probably leading up to a race war as rumours have a way to spread like “wild fire”.
    I sense this is another diversionary tactic being used by the administration to deflect its ever increasingly embarrassing actions by ministers and other officials, the most recent being the immediate transfer of a nurse who ” blew the whistle”.
    If this report is credible, then the security services are competent enough to do their job in keeping the president safe.

  • Victor

    they are getting distress because all GUYANESE are showing respect for this Gentleman PRESIDENT , compared to the other back balers
    MAY GOD PROTECT HIM AND HIS family + all ministers of Government

  • Richbird

    Go ahead plotters keep plotting but don’t dare act upon your plots. Guyana will be engulfed by a conflagration. This is serious stuff people, take it as such.

  • Phil Brooks

    If this is true then the perpetrators needs to be brought to justice swiftly…

    However, i find it difficult to believe that there is knowledge of the person that was paid $7M to carry out this act and he hasn’t been arrested 2 months after the fact and the mastermind unearthed.

    This in my opinion seems like another smoke show to divert attention from a country thats being slowly suffocated by this administration.

    • TeddyRamkissoon

      Your reasoning is indeed a plausible one. I commend you for enlightening me [and I suppose others]. Thank you.

    • TA

      Well said…

    • Col123

      Strangled … suffocation from the smokescreen..there you go

  • rudeo

    another stupid diversion from the woes on people’s backs

    • Charles Selman

      If such a plot is true, it should be ferreted out pronto. This country’s past Presidents have never been under such threat. We are too small an economy and population to thrive on such moves.
      Having said that, the theory of a distraction cannot be discounted. The current administration is strangling itself and it needs no assistance to do so.
      Two years in Government and it has lost its way. It is in self-stangulating mode.
      I am of the view that this is a smokescreen which can result in very serious consequences for race relations in this country and I warn all Guyanese to beware of the bait being set “to burn Rome”. Guyana will never rise again. It will be a wasteland.

  • henry

    A desperate administration Lying about a plot to kill Granger. The length this government will go at deceiving the population knows no bounds.Unfortunately for them the majority don’t believe this garbage only the deranged will.

    • rs dasai

      Unless Mr. Harmon can verift the ‘plot’, we have to take it seriously.

  • TeddyRamkissoon

    It is most stupid, wicked and criminal to conjure up a plan to assassinate the president. Regardless of whether we like him or not, Mr Granger has been elected the president of all Guyana. The perpetrator, if found and convicted, should face the “death penalty’.

    • rs dasai

      Did the TV report that a person (seen and named?” was offered $$ to hit?
      Have we missed this? If so, why is the Po lice not questioning him?

  • Harry Paul

    I hope the people of this country does not fall for this tactic of diversion which could lead serious consequences .this is a dangerous game politicians are playing.
    Guyanese don’t be misled .the masterminds of this dangerous game wants us to be at each other’s throats my fellow guyanese let’s not be misled. .let’s be sensible and live in peace.

  • brain dead idiot

    Speaking to a possible motive, Minister Harmon suggested the president
    may simply be a victim of his populism across the country.
    yes very popular for not doing anything and letting joe and the pnc do whatever they want but as far as this go foolishness please come up with something better to take people minds off how bad he is doing his job nice try boys won’t work .

  • rs dasai

    Have you forgotten the ‘50%’ RAISE?