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More than 100 Haitians arrive in Guyana

Minister of Immigration and Citizenship, Winston Felix.

More than 100 Haitians arrived aboard a chartered aircraft early Thursday morning, but Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Winston Felix said he is not worried.

“We did not  have any issues with their bona fides, we saw nothing wrong. To me everything appeared very normal” Felix told Demerara Waves Online News. He said they have been given one month’s stay in Guyana. He said they are free to travel to neighbouring Suriname if they so desire and have the required visa. “They didn’t come to Guyana ti stick in Guyana,” he added.

Felix, a former Police Commissioner, said there was nothing wrong with a large number of Haitians arriving here in the same way that Chinese and Cubans have been coming here in large numbers.

However, their arrival here is said to be raising eyebrows among immigration authorities in Guyana, well-placed sources said.

Officials have confirmed to Demerara Waves Online News on condition of anonymity that 154 Haitians landed at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) at about 1:45  Thursday morning. A Fly Jamaica plane flew the passengers from Port-au-Prince to Guyana directly.

“They came as tourists. It’s the first time we are seeing it,” a well-placed source said. They were allowed entry and they all had travel documents. The source said “we are investigating it” , adding that the visitors gave a number of addresses.

Immigration officials could not confirm that 45 of the Haitians were shuttled across to neighbouring Suriname and another 45 are due to leave for that Dutch-speaking neighbour shortly.

The movement of Haitians to several Caribbean territories such as Turks and Caicos Islands and The Bahamas has proven to be troublesome because thousands of them have migrated legally and illegally and putting pressure on social and economic services.

Across in Suriname, authorities have introduced a visa requirement for Haitians because they have been flying there by air and moving on to French Guiana which shares a similar history and culture.

  • Jiaram Ramdeen

    They are here to do witchcraft

    • Gtloyal

      Is that the service that you have to offer tourists?
      If not please show some respect for the people. They came as tourists. Is this how we are going to treat tourists and expect the industry to develop?

      • Pam

        Haitians are social parasites wherever they go. Ask the Bahamians and Dominicans.

        • Gtloyal

          Do you think the Bahamians and Dominicans consider you, as a Guyanese, any better? Are you better? Are you being better by spewing hate?

    • Raf Yusuff

      You’re an ass

  • Gtloyal

    Didn’t Guyanese do the same in the past? They are people just as anyone else and if they meet the legal requirements, what is the fuss?

  • rs dasai

    The LT effect?

  • Col123

    The government has the right approach in addressing this challenge. We should do whatever we can to help and extend ourselves to assist those in dire straits. The challenges for these poor needy Haitians are exacerbated by those organizations who pretend to help them by soliciting funds, and exploit the funds for themselves. Makes me proud to know that we’re not exploiting them.

    • Pam

      They are damn parasitical and should stop looking for foreign hand-outs and help themselves. Guyana has enough witch-craft that has this country as blind- as- bat……….we don’t need anymore. Poor needy Haitians my ass!.. This govt.priority is/should be to create an economic environment to make live better for the suffering masses in this country….we are gradually becoming foreigners in our own country and we cannot afford that. Show this ‘love’ you are extending to these Haitians to your own people. the Haitians ,as I know them ,will not love you in return. I keep discovering over and over that Guyanese are the most stupid people in any country……anywhere.

      • Col123

        Pam.. I respect your opinion…as you respect mine..our life span is not worth the bitterness that you are peddling…live and let live….In Guyana today, there are many who would rather eat grass…and they will soon ….who only care about our own being in power. Guyana is now in the cross roads economically. Creation of what economic environment????…this government is useless and does not have a clue…. yet our black brothers will rather eat grass than to have other groups holding political power over them. Haitians are running away from Haiti because of that reason…

  • Denesh Latchman

    Since when Haitian travel by hundreds as tourist. The next flight will be 200 more soon guyana population will be over a million.

  • JinnahRahman

    FREE MOVEMENT – Integration Must Work – the Haitians are regarded as – essentially – members of the Caribbean family and they should be able to move freely across other Caribbean nation – Guyana being one of them – without fear or any form of restrictions.
    To understand this situation, we must hark back to the recent past where most Guyanese were targets by other Caribbean countries, particularly Trinidad and Tobago. The governments – not the people of these Islands – were very hostile to the ordinary Guyanese person seeking a better life – due to the perpetual economic crisis that Guyana faced over the last 40 years -based on a whole raft of factors – international and national crises.
    The Trinidadian regimes, under the Peoples National Movement, PNM, and the Basdeo Panday governments have made “hell” for the Guyanese Traveller when he or she entered the port of entry – whether as an intransit passenger or someone going on a holiday, seeking work or visiting friends or relatives.
    Barbados was no different – they treated Guyanese with utter contempt and disrespect, as if to make the point that “you are a suspect of potentially committing a crime, unless you prove not guilty”.
    The Trinis are now “catching their asses” and are heading to Guyana – even the those – like CLICO – want to invest here.
    The motive is exploitative – especially at a time when there is little hope of transforming it’s economy. The TT government is desperately seeking to refine Guyana’s latent Oil treasure, not as an equal Partner, but as another foreign exploiter, like ExxonMobile.
    None of the TT governments of the past – this one is no better – that wants CARICOM to work – the main element of course has to be “Free movement of Labour and capital” – which was never implemented in its entirely – as operates in the Benelux countries. There are no border restrictions. The citizens of those 3 European countries – Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg – cross over without a passport or anyone stopping them.
    Guyanese have had no Capital to invest in TT and so of us were subject to a highly uncivilized examination.
    Guyana must be very careful in deal with the incumbent TT government, which is in dire economic straits and is desperately looking to resolve it’s economic woes – in an economy that is wholly based on Oil and gas.
    CARICOM must be made to work, as set out in the conventions – for all member states. Trinidad did not share it’s oil wealth with Guyanese – they denied us of their “Black gold”. They could have done what Hugo Chavez had done under the Petro-Caribe deal, which would have helped Guyana at the time of grave economic and social crisis.
    Guyana is emerging as a leading force in the Caribbean and South America in the field of energy production – not only in oil and gas – but in the area of other natural forms – solar, wind and bio-fuel.
    Our vast land space with a very small population – should allow us to bring down “heaven on earth” – making every Guyanese a middle class citizen.
    Our Haitians sisters and brothers must not be inhibited by racist prejudices. They must be welcomed and allowed to work and move around – lending us their French language, culture and skills for the betterment of themselves and Guyana. Let us welcome those who have been exploited and oppressed since the days of enslavement – until today. By M. Jinnah Rahman – Journalist and Writer

  • powerplayer

    Black on Black disrespect. Fellow Guyanese when you guys all six races go to the ABC countries you are all black Regardless of what you call yourselves The man see you as black once you are not white. Get a life ask you buddies who travelled and live there.

    Now any set of people coming to this country should be treated as individuals and not as place of origin. We would not like folks doing it to us. we should not entertain the thought.

    There are enough idiots in the Caribbean community who does this. Please do not join them

  • stagg05

    I say welcome them with open arms just like we welcome the Indians ,Chinese, Arabs and any decent people that want to settle and help develop Guyana we need a larger tax base to help the economy let our immigration policy be like other countries… just vet them first.

  • Col123

    “Farm labors and or cane harvesters”?????…you are one sick dude…You now want to exploit these folks and be their slave masters?…can’t believe we black folks would think like you do….such niggardly thoughts you have?

  • Col123

    We brothers should sling you in a boat and send you back to india or where ever despicable planet from whence you came…

    • Dax23

      You accused Jinnah Rahman of being “infected with the same pile of dung”.
      You are a bigger RACIST with this comment
      Not only here but in other online medium where your racism knows no limit. One of the most uncouth (paid)
      blogger I’ve come across. Pathetic!

      • Col123

        Depends on how you define bigger padna!…where do you want the dude to be sent?… Africa?… he has his roots in India and carry that singh title ONLY because he foreparents were hiding in some forests with a king who got his buttocks beaten by one of those Mogul invaders of India . In regards to be paid for this, you should know that we black folks work for cheap… ask long legs!..Further, it might help you to know that studies are showing that engagement with social media is tonic for your hippocampus… and can pre- empt Alzheimer’s…. so.. as Jhaatie would say… haul you azz$.

  • Col123

    you couldn’t help yourself getting contaminated with bigotry…typical of some folks

  • Col123

    you are infected with the same pile of dung in your comment

  • Col123

    From your comment, one can I deduce that them coallaters Naggie, Jhaatie et al …which gave us African power, must be real fearful azz hulles!..How much of a low class racist comment you made and you didn’t even give it a thought?

  • Elizabeth Hamilton

    Guyana has it own problems already. A lady from Haiti used to work the same place I am working and one day I asked her about Haiti and she said that just as how there is christianity etc, Haitians strongly believe in voodo, witchcraft etc because it is their worship and their God she said. A lot of people might not know this but when someone from Haiti said that you have to believe. You do not want to see before you believe or act on it. We do not need them in Guyana. Why is it Guyana is always vulnerable to things that would harm his people. Do you remember Jim Jones, George Edward Washington etc. It is time Guyana wake up and smell the coffee even though we would like to help others.

  • Dax23

    Kettle tell pot ee Battam black
    Patronising hoping you will be accepted and respected by the “other” side.
    You are damaged product just biding your time.

  • Ashwan Singh

    YES !!!! You are absolutely correct !

  • Ashwan Singh

    Oh come on ! Might ? Why do you think this is being done. It’s for the votes.

  • Gtloyal

    So, it’s their looks that’s troubling you? Did you say the same thing when plane loads were coming from Asia to vote for you after being made citizens at the airport?
    Well, for your information, there are many in Guyana who prefer foreigners to some countrymen. Yes, you got it!

    • Col123

      “coming from Asia to vote for you after being made citizens at the airport? “…are you one of Trumpy boys?…jeeze GT…get a grip with this nonsense?…I never thought you were that ignorant!

      • Gtloyal

        You should then come home and see. Don’t mull on second hand news. I don’t mind them coming for they do contribute to the economy but they should do so according to the law and not through deals with politicians.
        And Asia has many countries. Maybe its not the one you’re thinking of. Do I always have to paint it for you? Use your coconut, pal.

  • Col123

    Then… Tell me where Indians are treated as equals under this PNC administration?