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DPP, husband questioned about Pradoville houselot but aren’t suspects – Hughes

Director of Public Prosecutions,Shalimar Hack (second from left) arrives at Special Organised Crime Unit to be questioned about her acquisition of a house lot at Pradoville 2. She is accompanied by her husband, Moenul Hack, and their lawyer, Nigel Hughes.

Director of Public Prosecutions, Shalimar Hack and her husband, Moenul Hack, on Friday subjected themselves to questioning by agents of the Special Organised Crime Unit (SOCU).

They were questioned about the acqusition of a house lot at Pradoville 2- Ogle/ Sparendaam under the previous People’s Progressive Party.

Accompanying them was Attorney at Law, Nigel Hughes who said no allegation has been levelled against her and she was merely there to assist in a fact-finding mission. “The investigators made it very clear that the position of the Hacks is that they are assisting them in the fact-finding mission in relation to a lot they acquired at Pradoville,” he said.

Hughes declined to say whether or not the DPP was Friday asked by investigators  documents to provide any documents. He also refused to say what investigators asked his clients, saying he did not want to prejudice the investigations by SOCU.

The Director of Public Prosecutions has more than one month ago said she would recuse herself from the matter if any of the matters were to go to her Chambers for advice.

Still on the question of potential conflict of interest and whether the DPP should step down, Hughes reiterated that “I have made it pellucidly clear that they are not suspects, that they are not the target of any investigation.” He said he coukd not see why the DPP should step down “because there is no allegation, she is not the target of an investigation.”

  • Lancelot Brassington

    As I recall Nigel Hughes took part in a pre-election debate in 2011 where he repeatedly enquired whether beach front land could legally be bought at the price paid for the Pradoville II lots by PPP ministers. He was representing the AFC then. Now here he is representing the Hacks. His wife cannot be comfortable with this.It is not as if he needs every cent he can lay his hand on. The man is already filthy rich. Nevertheless it is a shrewd tactical move by the Hacks.

    Strange how some educated women follow diktats from their husbands to ‘walk behind me and not alongside me’. ISIS to the core.There are illiterate women who would reject that.

    • Col123

      Your last two sentences were unwarranted….Our Madingo culture dictates that we take a women as a wife and plant a spear in front of our hut as a sign of matrimony….for a divorce, we remove the spear and take another woman as wife , and replant the spear in front that hut….it is custom and culture..and maybe respect…..look again where those three fingers are pointing…In the military, the less senior rank walks to the left of his/her senior…

      • Lancelot Brassington

        I cannot converse with my wife if she has to walk behind me. She needs to be alongside me as an equal. We need to relate as equals inclusive of chatting and non-intimate touching in public and relieving her of heavy objects she is fetching or might have to fetch.I have seen Muslim fundamentalist women forced to shelve their ultra-orthodox attitudes and accept help from strange non-muslim men to board or exit speedboats, or risk falling overboard. I was silently amused. The medical profession including gynaecology, is still male dominated, if you catch my drift. Its clear that extreme orthodoxy does not cut it. Males of every religion should display public warmth towards their wives. This master/slave business is crap. I don’t care how many blacks embrace it. You can be a good Muslim husband without being lord and master.

        • Col123

          You can sugar coat it in any amount LB… it is the practice of anyone’s culture…and beliefs…I hear what you are saying…. but I will go a little further with culture … in the past, in some cultures, the wife with walk in the footsteps of the husband, as a sign to show his protection, leveling the path from thorns, rocks to protect her delicate feet…

      • Lancelot Brassington

        At any rate honesty and integrity matter to the creator than mad made codes and customs.

        • Col123

          The creator happens to be man made also. The air, energy, water, space and this earth is my creator, sustainer and eventual destroyer…..when I no longer occupy these cubic centimeters of space, I would have returned to those elements…or creator if you prefer..

  • Mother Sally

    Nigel Hughes is the reincarnate of Judas who betrayed Jesus Christ. He goes to the highest bidder like an albatross around the neck of the people of Guyana. He is an insult to the craft.

    • rs dasai

      Mot Sal
      Are you still not aware that Judas Iscariot was The Christ’s most trusted Friend who was the only one whom The Christ ‘trusted’ to carry out his bidding? Stop denigrating Judas.

  • Kassem_B

    ‘Accompanying them were Attorney at Law, Nigel Hughes ‘
    I thought Nigel given up the peanut legal business and is now an Oil & Gas merchant and exucutive?

  • rudeo

    as a boy many years ago the talk by american settlers when attacked by red indians would “circle the waggons”…..for security among numbers….does soldier boy and the cabal really think that indians would walk away from the ppp…recall they are branded as born supporters of the ppp. actions like these may very well cause a greater welding together of indians who perceive that they are under attack what do they have to lose? …placating them about great contributions by their indentured forefathers would not cut it….indians in the caribbean were never part of the mosaic of regional citizens….they were always seen as necessary appendices…plant rice…cut cane…fish…plant bhagee and balangay… one indian who was respected for his academic achievement and place in the caribbean picture….just honorary mention bro

  • Col123

    Hey boy , you sound very confused….too much curry?…what the heck you mean by your statement to me…”You will once again dance in the miasma of the 1960’s to the early 1990’s you watch what I say ! All the oil money will be gone so don’t have your hopes touch the ceiling. Check Nigeria and see what I mean !!!”….what if I don’t know how to dance?

  • rs dasai

    You are next. Beware.

  • Col123

    You want the chap to starve?..