Valentine Day court date for trio found in Campbelville with AK-47, matching ammo

Last Updated on Friday, 27 January 2017, 7:01 by Derwayne Wills

Three men who were arrested in connection with guns and matching ammunition found in a Campbelville house will remained remanded until their return to court on Valentine’s Day, February 14.

Teon Alleyne, a 30-year-old miner from Lorry Creek, Soesdyke Highway; 29-year-old Andre Pollydore, a miner from South Ruimveldt; and Lloyde Roberts, 35, from North Ruimveldt today answered to joint charges of illegal guns and ammo possession before city magistrate Faith McGusty.

The weapons found were an AK-47 assault rifle with matching ammunition, and one 9mm pistol with matching rounds.

Roberts’ lawyer, Nigel Hughes, requested bail on his behalf citing special circumstances since Roberts does not reside where the weapon was found, and the weapon was found somewhere around the premises.

The court heard the accused was called a short while before the find by police and told to collect a document at the house left by an overseas relative. When the police entered the premises, Roberts was found in the sitting room.

Hughes told the court Roberts had received death threats before the incident. Threats which relate to his line of work in the gold industry.

The court heard Roberts’ wife has also received threats about her life and the life of their two children. Hughes said he advised she make a report with the police.

If bail is refused, Hughes continued, Roberts should be housed at another holding facility since there may be plans to have him murdered.

Police Prosecutor, Seon Blackman, told the court Roberts gave an oral statement that he was responsible for the premises during the raid, and that he rented the house.

The prosecution however had no written statement to prove same, forcing Hughes to further question the validity of the charges.

Under the circumstances, Hughes then suggested the prosecution would then be unopposed to granting bail to the other accused in the matter owing to Roberts’ claim of responsibility.

The magistrate refused bail, and trial is expected to start February 14.