Police promotion of Officers, Inspectors and Subordinate Officers

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Assistant Commissioner of Police, Maxine Graham

1.      The following promotions have been approved by the Police Service Commission:

         I.            W/Senior Superintendent                 Maxine Graham
       II.            Deputy Superintendent                     Frank Harvey
     III.            Deputy Superintendent                     Mahendra Siwnarine
         I.            Assistant Superintendent                  Patrick Todd
       II.            Assistant Superintendent                            Himnauth Sawh
     III.            Assistant Superintendent                            John Barker
         I.            W/Inspector                                     Yonette Stephens
       II.            Inspector                                          Oswald Pitt
     III.            Inspector                                           Elton Davidson
    IV.            Inspector                                           Jermaine Harper
      V.            Inspector                                           Chabinauth Singh
    VI.            Inspector                                           Andrew Cumberbatch
   VII.            Inspector                                           Bharat Persaud
 VIII.            W/Inspector                                     Audrey Jordan
     IX.            Inspector                                           Malcolm Melville
         I.            Sergeant     14169        Richard Frank
       II.            Sergeant     12960        Anthony Aaron
          I.            Sergeant     18396        Julius Samuels
       II.            Sergeant     W. 14913   Lorna Adonis
     III.            Sergeant     W.15419    Lavern Garraway
    IV.            Sergeant     16036        Herbert Henry
      V.            Sergeant     13819        Anant Ram
    VI.            Sergeant     19707        Michael Cort
   VII.            Sergeant     19433        Vernette Pindar
 VIII.            Sergeant     19873        Munesh Dial
     IX.            Sergeant     13826        Gordon Mansfield
       X.            Sergeant     19309        Devon Lowe
     XI.            Sergeant     16421        Otis Jackson
   XII.            Sergeant     W.12933    Norma Joseph
 XIII.            Sergeant     18293        Wendell Harry
 XIV.            Corporal     18438        Prem Satyanand Narine
  XV.            Corporal     14539        Eishwar Bharat Mangru
 XVI.            Corporal     18538        Maniram Jagnanan
2.      The undermentioned promotions from the rank of Corporal to Sergeant, Lance Corporal and Constable to Corporal and Constable to Lance Corporal have been approved by the Commissioner of Police with effect from January 1, 2017.
         I.            W. 15425            Corporal               Phillips                      
       II.            14875                  Corporal               Ross
     III.            19676                  Corporal               Alli
    IV.            W. 16427            Corporal               Cordis-Arrindell
      V.            16803                  Corporal               Singh
    VI.            13199                  Corporal               Van Nooten
   VII.            17507                 Corporal               Harry
 VIII.            17791                  Corporal               Braithwaite
     IX.            15470                  Corporal               Moriah
       X.            12777                  Corporal               Sears
     XI.            14837                  Corporal               Reddock
         I.            17531                 Corporal               Da Silva
       II.            18064                  Corporal               Barker
     III.            18539                  Corporal               Mc Kenzie
    IV.            18481                  Corporal               Blackman
      V.            19269                  Corporal               Blair
    VI.            W. 19467            Corporal               Sheriff
   VII.            W. 20104            Corporal               Sankar-Greene
 VIII.            13515                  Corporal               Anderson
     IX.            W. 16981            Corporal               Chichester
       X.            16478                  Corporal               Lowe
     XI.            W. 20108            Corporal               Isaacs
   XII.            W. 16716            Corporal               King-Blair
 XIII.            17534                  Corporal               Mars
 XIV.            W. 17194            Corporal               Thomas-Wilson
  XV.            18973                  Corporal               Rabindranauth
 XVI.            19172                 Corporal               Thuknauth
XVII.            19953                  Corporal               Bamfield
XVIII.            W. 20852            Corporal               Phillips
 XIX.            17835                  Corporal               Looknauth
   XX.            19610                  Corporal               Harry
 XXI.            15291                  Corporal               Johnson
XXII.            W.18069             Corporal               Arno
XXIII.            20305                  Corporal               Tyndall
XXIV.            15462                  Corporal               Saul
XXV.            18596                  Corporal               Paul
XXVI.            19211                  Corporal               Jagasar
XXVII.            16965                 Corporal               Semple
XXVIII.            20174                  Corporal               Allen
XXIX.            20725                  Corporal               Fraser
XXX.            22068                  Corporal               Roberts
XXXI.            20114                  Corporal               Davidson
XXXII.            16336                  Corporal               Massiah
XXXIII.            18758                  Corporal               Thomas
XXXIV.            18925                  Corporal               Alfred
XXXV.            17999                 Corporal               Josiah
XXXVI.            18047                  Corporal               Kendell
         I.            20015                 Corporal               Graham
       II.            17822                 Corporal               Beckles
     III.            17408                  Corporal               Downer
    IV.            19659                  Corporal               Simon
      V.            19822                 Corporal               Pitama
    VI.            20249                  Corporal               Dunn
   VII.            20843                  Corporal               Lake
 VIII.            21254                 Corporal               Sue
     IX.            W. 21607           Corporal               John
       X.            22031                  Corporal               Miller
     XI.            22350                  Corporal               Zammett
   XII.            22574                  Corporal               Marcurius
 XIII.            lx.      19170                  Corporal               De Veira
         I.            17862             L/Corporal           Laundry
       II.            16539             L/Corporal           Doris
     III.            16813             L/Corporal           Benjamin
    IV.            16826             L/Corporal           Bernard
      V.            17352             L/Corporal           Richardson
    VI.            19802             L/Corporal           Jordan
   VII.            18132             L/Corporal           Dow
 VIII.            18417             L/Corporal           Bruce
     IX.            19194             L/Corporal           Leitch
       X.            15471             L/Corporal           July
     XI.            18830             L/Corporal           Durant
   XII.            19076             L/Corporal           Hope
 XIII.            19293             L/Corporal           Mahadeo
 XIV.            W. 21290       L/Corporal           Collins
  XV.            W. 15932       L/Corporal           Dazell
 XVI.            18350             L/Corporal           Sookra
XVII.            18581             L/Corporal           Persaud
XVIII.            W. 20886       L/Corporal           Mc Pherson
         I.            W.22435        L/Corporal           George
       II.            19233             L/Corporal           Jackson
     III.            19350             L/Corporal           Johnson
    IV.            19835             L/Corporal           Fraser
      V.            W. 19864       L/Corporal           Patterson
    VI.            W. 20134       L/Corporal           Boston
   VII.            W. 20239       L/Corporal           Lovell
 VIII.            W. 20478       L/Corporal           Sharper
     IX.            20585             L/Corporal           Alexander
       X.            20652             L/Corporal           Inniss
     XI.            20764             L/Corporal           Moore
   XII.            21251             L/Corporal           Harris
 XIII.            21316             L/Corporal           Adolph
 XIV.            W. 21400       L/Corporal           Gift-Aginam
  XV.            W. 21503       L/Corporal           Troyer
 XVI.            19611             L/Corporal           Jobe
XVII.            21476             L/Corporal           Bostwick
XVIII.            21638             L/Corporal           Higgins
 XIX.            21676             L/Corporal           Towler
   XX.            19758             L/Corporal           Dowlin
 XXI.            20717             L/Corporal           Balliram
XXII.            21381             L/Corporal           Hilliman
XXIII.            22104             L/Corporal           Nunes
XXIV.            22447             L/Corporal           Langevine
XXV.            W. 22466       L/Corporal           Yearwood
XXVI.            23284             L/Corporal           Cummings
XXVII.            20521             L/Corporal           Semple
XXVIII.            W. 15564       Constable             Darlington
XXIX.            W. 16409       Constable             Bess
XXX.            W. 17271       Constable             Weever
XXXI.            17663             Constable             Balkaran
XXXII.            W. 17700       Constable             Yearwood
XXXIII.            17833             Constable             Sharper
XXXIV.            17973             Constable             Baksh                         
XXXV.            18256             Constable             Herbert
XXXVI.            18564             Constable             Hicks
XXXVII.            19104             Constable             Boxill
         I.            19198             Constable             Simon
       II.            19282             Constable             Abrams
     III.            19727             Constable             Martin
    IV.            19799             Constable             Seeram
      V.            19860             Constable             Greene                        
    VI.            19900             Constable             Singh
   VII.            19907             Constable             Wallace
 VIII.            19910             Constable             Halley
     IX.            19937             Constable             Chase
       X.            20252             Constable             Smith
     XI.            W. 20529       Constable             Lawrence
   XII.            20566             Constable             Bishop                        
 XIII.            20589             Constable             Halley
 XIV.            20624             Constable             Mc Donald
  XV.            20639             Constable             Braithwaite
 XVI.            20673             Constable             Jagnarine
XVII.            20684             Constable             George                        
XVIII.            20688             Constable             Lynton                        
 XIX.            20715             Constable             Saul
   XX.            20806             Constable             Seepaul                       
 XXI.            21012             Constable             Dandrade
XXII.            21069             Constable             Cornelius
XXIII.            21074             Constable             Cush                          
XXIV.            21118             Constable             Gillis
XXV.            21174             Constable             Mohamed
XXVI.            21199             Constable             Gurrick
XXVII.            21604             Constable             Samuels
XXVIII.            21613             Constable             Bishop                        
XXIX.            21621             Constable             Samuels                       
XXX.            W. 21730       Constable             Cantzlaar
XXXI.            21878             Constable             Dundas
XXXII.            W. 22446       Constable             Jordan
XXXIII.            22877             Constable             Deonarine
XXXIV.            23288             Constable             Drakes
         I.            15814             Constable             Marks
       II.            17310             Constable             Williams
     III.            17735             Constable             Itwaru
    IV.            17882             Constable             Lynch                         
      V.            18953             Constable             Greaves
    VI.            19182             Constable             Doris
   VII.            19230             Constable             Mc Leod
 VIII.            19331             Constable             Rampersaud
     IX.            19534             Constable             Schultz
       X.            19675             Constable             Kissore
     XI.            19679             Constable             Hastings
   XII.            19718             Constable             Isaacs
 XIII.            19729             Constable             Holder
 XIV.            19747             Constable             Da Costa
  XV.            19853             Constable             Jadunandan
 XVI.            19949             Constable             Fraser
XVII.            19971             Constable             Mendonca
XVIII.            W. 20010       Constable             Doris
 XIX.            20023             Constable             Morgan
   XX.            20056             Constable             Martin
 XXI.            W. 20237       Constable             George                        
XXII.            W. 20243       Constable             Semple-Bobb
XXIII.            20304             Constable             Parris
XXIV.            W. 20383       Constable             Crawford-Fraser
XXV.            20429             Constable             Glasgow
XXVI.            W. 20475       Constable             Kertzious
XXVII.            20490             Constable             Reynolds
XXVIII.            W. 20503       Constable             Chapman
XXIX.            20599             Constable             Alleyne
XXX.            20719             Constable             Harvey                                
XXXI.            20722             Constable             Belle
XXXII.            20745             Constable             Arthur                        
XXXIII.            W. 20753       Constable             Boyer
XXXIV.            20778             Constable             Lalbachan
XXXV.            20808             Constable             Wilkinson
         I.            20823             Constable             Bhikham
       II.            20828             Constable             Gould
     III.            20840             Constable             Thomas
    IV.            20853             Constable             Leitch                        
      V.            20905             Constable             Mc Garrell
    VI.            20974             Constable             Beaton
   VII.            21003             Constable             Gillis
 VIII.            21129             Constable             Roopchand
     IX.            W. 21172       Constable             Davis
       X.            21202             Constable             Hawker
     XI.            21279             Constable             Eytle
   XII.            21282             Constable             Melville
 XIII.            W.21311        Constable             Beresford
 XIV.            21385             Constable             Lyte
  XV.            21462             Constable             Joseph                        
 XVI.            21650             Constable             Edwards
XVII.            21660             Constable             De Mendonca
XVIII.            21668             Constable             Fraser
 XIX.            21671             Constable            Mendonca
   XX.            21673             Constable             Rohit
 XXI.            W. 21805       Constable             Bovell
XXII.            21861             Constable             Munesh
XXIII.            W. 21904       Constable             Quimbie
XXIV.            21935             Constable             Kellman
XXV.            W. 22035       Constable             Dos Santos
XXVI.            22043             Constable             Caesar
XXVII.            22089             Constable             Murray
XXVIII.            22127             Constable             Hinds
XXIX.            W. 22150       Constable             Brumell
XXX.            W. 22168       Constable             Seepaul
XXXI.            22360             Constable             Bridgelall
XXXII.            22385             Constable             Hutson
XXXIII.            22425             Constable             Blair
XXXIV.            W. 22459       Constable             Simpson
XXXV.            22735             Constable             Harnarayan
XXXVI.            W.23301        Constable             Mc Donald
         I.            W. 7655              Corporal               Dick
       II.            W. 7757               Corporal               Wade
     III.            W. 9021              Corporal               Chichester
    IV.            10744                  Corporal               Matthews
      V.            W. 10975            Corporal               Fraser
    VI.            W. 11675            Corporal               Roseman
   VII.            W. 11981            Corporal               Lowenfield
 VIII.            12227                  Corporal               Green
     IX.            13059                  Corporal               Harnarayan
         I.            W. 7988                   L/Corporal           Chesney
       II.            W. 9335                   L/Corporal           Bidder
     III.            11189             L/Corporal           James                         
    IV.            11546             L/Corporal           Pitt
      V.            11638             L/Corporal           Norville
    VI.            W. 12593       L/Corporal           Rodney
   VII.            W. 12795       L/Corporal           Williams
 VIII.            13488             L/Corporal           Josiah
     IX.            14638             L/Corporal           Griffith
       X.            14790             L/Corporal           Jackman
     XI.            W. 10384       Constable             Gordon
   XII.            W. 11199       Constable             English
 XIII.            11907             Constable             Scipio                   
 XIV.            W. 11952       Constable             Reynolds
       II.            14110                  Constable             Humphrey
     III.            14333                  Constable             Bovell
    IV.            15255                  Constable             Seepaul
      V.            W. 7784              Constable             Henry                         
    VI.            W. 8027              Constable             Greene                        
   VII.            W. 8520              Constable             Peters
 VIII.            9393                    Constable             Joseph                        
     IX.            9656                    Constable             Stoby
       X.            W. 10644             Constable             Archibald
     XI.            11601                  Constable             Manman
   XII.            12435                  Constable             Jeffrey
 XIII.            12495                  Constable             Vanooten
 XIV.            W. 12639             Constable             Gill
  XV.            13074                  Constable             Stanton
 XVI.            13108                  Constable             Europe
XVII.            W. 13638             Constable             Evans
XVIII.            W. 13769             Constable             Peters
 XIX.            W. 13782             Constable             Kellman
   XX.            13849                  Constable             Walcott
 XXI.            14186                  Constable             Charles
XXII.            W. 14423             Constable             Chase
XXIII.            14690                  Constable             Pantlitz
XXIV.            14772                  Constable             Perry
         I.            11744        L/Corporal           Daniels
       II.            9218          Constable              Austin                        
     III.            10451        Constable              Mc Donald
         I.            11640        Constable             Thom
       II.            11313        Constable             Joseph
     III.            12486        Constable             Beveney
         I.            Corporal               Nellie Gordon
       II.            Corporal               John Marshall
         I.            Constable             Marilyn Massiah
       II.            Constable             Abdool Salim
     III.            Constable             Roy Hercules
    IV.            Constable             Phillip Das
      V.            Constable             Rohan Persaud
    VI.            Constable             Jagdesh Budhram
   VII.            Constable             Mark Constantine
 VIII.            Constable             Nazim Yassim
     IX.            Constable             Claton Vanhersel
       X.            Constable             Keith Billy
     XI.            Constable             Joan Vigilance
   XII.            Constable             Linden Durant
 XIII.            Constable             Marcia Thomas
 XIV.            Constable             Edward Persaud