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No one-month tax free salary leaves soldiers disappointed

Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, President David Granger serves lunch to some of the ranks, who are stationed at the Base Camp Ayanganna.

Several soldiers on Wednesday vocalized their disappointment because their Commander-in-Chief, President David Granger did not announce a tax-free one month bonus at the Guyana Defence Force’s (GDF) headquarters where he feted soldiers on the final leg of “Soldiers Day”.

Multiple sources confirmed that a number of soldiers let their feelings known while the President was arriving and after his address.

The soldiers appeared less than interested in the remarks by Chief-of-Staff, Brigadier George Lewis and were anxious to listen to their Commander-in-Chief.

When the President got up to address them, they greeted him jubilantly but when he was finished speaking and no one-month bonus was announced, a number of them were heard remarking, among other things, “that is all he come to talk” and “we ain’t even get nut’n.”

This is the second straight year that members of the Joint Services, including the GDF, have not received a month tax-free salary as a bonus but instead received a one-off GYD$50,000 last in 2015 and GYD$25,000 this year.

When contacted, the Chief-of-Staff said he did not hear anyone boo. “I can’t punish anybody for something, as far I know, did not occur,” he told Demerara Waves Online News.

Senior officers have told Demerara Waves Online News on condition of anonymity that they once looked forward to the one-month salary as a bonus to assist with Christmas expenses.

Citing economic sluggishness, due largely to a downturn in most sectors , government this year scraped the  National Treasury to pay a 1 to 10 percent wage and salary increase to the majority of government employees, with the lowest paid receiving 10 percent.

The GPSU has labelled the GYD$25,000 bonus a “Christmas frek”.

  • ExPPP_Man

    Well the Joint Services voted solidly PNC every election ; 95 % in favor of the PNC, so why they fretting now ?

    • Charles Selman

      What work do our soldiers really do?

      • Col123

        Excellent question..easy answer: For pomp and display…sucking at the teats of taxpayers. I recall His Royal High Kabaka riding on his horse inspecting them in the old days… most would faint in the hot sun.

  • Col123

    These guys are all fat and look like above 25 yrs old…Do Guyanese really think that any one of them will step out into an offensive position in any attack?…we need eighteen yrs old for that sacrifice…those without kids and baby mamas…damm!…we are in trouble!

    • You know pretty little about the military……we are trained to respond to commands…….not think.
      If the Officer in charge tells them “fire;shoot”……better start saying your prayers and stop talking about who will be willing or who is too fat.

      Yuh dead!

      • Col123

        Bro… suffice to say that I did not attend the Nigerian Command & General Staff College… but I spent five years in the one at US…Why do you think they are always recruiting 18-21 years old in the US Military?… it is because with required training, you hand them a M16 or 50 and they are ready to kill….. they have no kids or wife to worry about … along with the fact that the Med Corp support is readily available to save their lives or attend their wounds… How many mature grown soldiers with wife and kids will expose them selves to get hurt?

        • ”12 miles with a 75 pounds backpack and an AK 47 with required days supplies of rounds?”……..Routine ,basic annual infantry training.
          As said originally….. you know squat about our soldiers……..stop exposing your ignorance about the GDF and their capabilities.
          Keep on underestimating them ! Continue to mis-Inform the aggressors .

          • Col123

            Yea Sandhurst guy…keep the faith!.. they make excellent drill and ceremony tools for upkeep of durban park …

  • Lance Vance

    next time vote with your conscience,not your race & u will get bonus instead of the bone & come next year with all the taxes ganga , nimak & jorden put on us the $#!t will hit the fan plus thieving & killing will get on the double,rumjatoo will get more rich from kickbacks

  • Col123

    Most countries are not at war???…you mean no declaration of war as we know?