Stranded Dynamic Airways Guyanese passengers at JFK on their way home- Captain Gouveia

Last Updated on Monday, 19 December 2016, 13:57 by Derwayne Wills

Relief has come for 280 Dynamic Airways passengers stranded at JFK International Airport in New York over the weekend, according to the company’s local representative Captain Gerry Gouveia, who confirmed today that the flight is expected to reach Georgetown this afternoon.

Some 400 passengers were stranded in Georgetown and New York over the weekend when two planes operating under the Dynamic Airways brand went faulty, one due to an accident at the JFK airport, and the other, a backup, due to mechanical difficulties.

Dynamic’s head Captain Gouveia said the airline is “extremely sorry” for the delay and cancellations. Reports from the New York Post online news referred to one passenger, a Guyanese bride named Leezel Cambridge, whose wedding was cancelled due to the Dynamic Airlines cancellations, just as the bride’s guests in Guyana had already arrived at the wedding venue.

“That would make me very very sad if that is true. I believe that young lady is on the plane right now. I have instructed my staff to find her so I could meet her and her husband and maybe offer them a honeymoon package at Arrowpoint Resort and a trip to Kaieteur Falls,” the Captain told the press corps.

Demerara Waves News Online will confirm this.

Captain Gouveia’s close aide, Dellon Murray, told the press that he has made contact with Cambridge’s mother who said her daughter did not miss her wedding as reported, but that the wedding is the following week.

Gouveia explained there are two 767-300 jumbo jet aircrafts reserved by Dynamic Airlines. The primary plane was down due to an accident at the JFK where the plane’s engine shell was damaged, while the second aircraft was grounded because it “developed mechanical issues with flaps and the aircraft had to undergo maintenance.”

Gouveia said it was believed that the secondary plane’s mechanical fix would have been short, but that was not so. “We are extremely sensitive about the effect on passengers particularly because of the christmas season flights are rampacked. This was beyond our control,” the Captain continued.

As it relates to compensation for the aggrieved passengers, Captain Gouveia said his company will observe its legal obligations within air transport laws.