MP Edghill ‘red flags’ $100M increase for 11 new contract employees at Presidency Ministry

Last Updated on Tuesday, 13 December 2016, 11:05 by Derwayne Wills

An increase of $100M in monies allocated for contracted employees under policy and administration at the Ministry of the Presidency in budget 2017 was put under the microscope today in the Committee of Supply by the Opposition MP Juan Edghill.

“There was a budgetary shortfall which is now being properly addressed,” Minister Harmon responded to Edghill’s question in the Committee of Supply of the National Assembly today as questions and answers begin on budget estimates for budget agencies in 2017.

“11 new contracted employees raised the monies from $798M to $899M,” Harmon confirmed in the committee adding that the $100M also has to do with the increase in wages and salaries for 52 employees, as well as the relocation of 41 employees to other budget agencies.

“We have a net increase [of 11] because of movement [of people] in and out of the programme,” Harmon continued.

MP Edghill interrupted asking for the names, designations, and emoluments of the 11 contract employees to be provided to the Committee of Supply.

Minister Harmon indicated this will be done before the end of the morning.