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UPDATED: Bandits invade Finance Ministry compound, grab GYD$3M, shoot supervisor

A 29 year old male supervisor was Tuesday afternoon nursing a gunshot wound to his right thigh, having been robbed and shot by one of two bandits in the compound of the Ministry of Finance .
The incident occurred at about 12:55 PM. 

Investigations revealed that the victim John Bryan was walking on Urquhart Street, North Cummingsburg, heading in a westerly direction when a white Premio motor car pulled up along side him and two suspects, one armed with a handgun, exited and approached him.
As a result he became afraid and ran to the Ministry of Finance’s gate and threw a haversack which was alleged to contain GYD$3 million cash into the compound.  
“The suspects went into the compound, collected the bag and were exiting when the victim tried retrieving same and in the process, the armed suspect discharged his firearm in his direction, hitting him to his right thigh and they made good their escape in the said vehicle,” the Guyana Police Force said in a statement.

The victim was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital in an ambulance, where he is undergoing surgery.

Investigators have retrieved a spent shell from the scene. No arrests have so far been made.  Investigations are in progress.



  • rudeo

    how can u say this about soldier boy?… de ppp behind all this to let jattan and presi look baaad

  • Col123

    The presi ain’t going anywhere….He and his retired merry men are busy redistributing the wealth to themselves…It is a brutal trick for the unsuspecting Guyanese,especially those who want all those PPP brothas in jail. Reality hits.. when are we getting those million dollar Guyanese bills?.. a friend just back from Venezuela said he had a backpack with their cash after converting 100 US$… and they have oil!