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21 deportees arrive from US; to be monitored

At least 21 Guyanese deportees arrived from the United States (US) Tuesday afternoon, after serving jail terms for various offences.

Head of the Guyana Police Force’s (GPF) Criminal Investigations Department, Senior Superintendent Wendell Blanhum said the deportees were convicted for homicide, narcotics, robbery and other offences.

Blanhum said the deportees would be monitored. “We will be monitoring them. Yes, there is legislative provision for that and we’ll be monitoring them,” he told Demerara Waves Online News.

The plane landed at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport  at about 3:30 PM and the involuntary migrants deplaned and were escorted by police and immigration under tight security.

They were expected to be transported under armed police escort to the CID Headquarters where they would be processed and released.

While Caribbean governments have over the years complained that deportees, with hardly any family ties in the land of their birth, often continue a life of crime. However, the United States has told the region that there is no research evidence to prove that claim.

Falicia Adams of Juncata Juvant, an organisation dedicated to improving the lot of deportees in Guyana, says efforts would be made to ensure the involuntary re-migrants are accommodated at government-run shelters. She said the private sector would also be approached to assist with employment wherever possible.

The nine-year old organisation, she said, was only made aware of the arrival of the deportees through the print media. However, Adams said efforts are being made to formalise a relationship with the relevant authorities.

Juncata Juvant was recently resuscitated.

  • ExPPP_Man

    Dem PNC bai come back after honing their trade in USA. Thing bad hey suh , please don’t rob we.

  • Col123

    A road building project into the hilly sand and clay belt should keep these deportees busy… along with that project, let them legally homestead ten acres each along the road they build and have mandatory requirements for animal husbandry on the land … this will lead them to the good life!

    • rs dasai

      To the detriment of good standing citizens who should have priority?

      • Col123

        You really believe any of the government supporters want to smell their sweat? Who are them good standing citizens who are willing to work?

  • KassemB

    ’21 deportees arrive from US; to be monitored’
    Which 5 star hotel they will be chilling out?