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Education Minister collapses at reception for Prince Harry

Minster of Education Dr. Rupert Roopnaraine Friday night collapsed at a reception in honour of visiting Prince Harry.

“During the outdoor event Dr. Roopnaraine experienced a brief episode of syncope (commonly referred to as  a ‘fainting spell’). The conditions were hot and, Dr. Roopnaraine was at the time also dehydrated,” government said in a statement.

“Medical attention was rendered to Dr. Roopnarine immediately and he was taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation. Dr. Roopnaraine is stable, conscious and alert and receiving treatment for dehydration. He is expected to be discharged subsequently,” said the administration.

Roopnaraine was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation where he was receiving medical attention for dehydration.

The reception was held at the residence of the British High Commissioner.

Roopnaraine is a British citizen.

  • Col123

    The dude had the good life forever and still can’t handle it ..jeeze… them Cuban doctors at the Public hospital ???… wish him well …they need to check the water for those poison…

    • rs dasai

      Dehydration in the ‘Land of many waters’? And where is Dr. Van West when he is needed?

      • Col123

        This guy had two hospitalization

        • Pagurl..

          I am wondering if they ever does go for physical or they too busy making money..smhh!!

          • Col123

            The dude passed retirement age…he needs the money to pay off St Peter..