Female prison officer allegedly caught smuggling ganja inside New Amsterdam jail

Last Updated on Tuesday, 25 October 2016, 7:48 by Denis Chabrol

A female prison officer, who was allegedly caught smuggling marijuana inside the New Amsterdam Prison, is expected to be charged with being in possession of narcotics for the purpose of trafficking.

With the likelihood of her being charged and possibly convicted, she stands to lose 14 years of service to that penal institution

Investigators were told that at about 11:30 Sunday morning, the 35-year old woman was arrested by her colleagues for allegedly smuggling in 298 grammes of marijuana into the prison.

After the prison officer allegedly collected a package from someone in a car, she took into the penitentiary and placed it in the area where inmates would usually collect items.

Her efforts were short-lived because another prison officer saw when a prisoner uplifted the package and intervened.

A scuffle ensued over the package and other prison officers intervened following which an examination revealed that the package contained marijuana.

The prison officer has since been handed over to police who are expected to institute charges.