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Leonard Craig to step down as Broadcasting Authority Chairman

The Chairman of the Guyana National Broadcasting Authority (GNBA), Leonard Craig has signaled that he would be stepping down as Chairman of that television and radio regulatory authority, according to well-placed sources.

Sources said he is off to China to pursue a doctorate during the next three years. He made the announcement at a meeting of the Alliance For Change (AFC), the party to which he belongs.

Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo said he has not been officially informed by Craig of his decision to step down.

Craig was also Personal Assistant to Minister of Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan.

Craig’s impending decision to step down comes amid a probe by Retired Major General, Joseph Singh into allegations of corruption he had made against two GNBA members.

He has had a long-running feud with GNBA member, Tony Vieria.

  • Col123

    A brotha cutting and running..good travels…

  • Emile_Mervin

    From what I am reading, Craig supports rescinding the Jagdeo-issued broadcast licenses, but Moses and others are not, even though the recision was promised on the campaign trail, just like going after the corrupt elements of the Jagdeo era. In less than two years, the Coalition is fumbling the ball too often…too many unforced errors.

  • rudeo

    politicians belong to a club…..then foh u now foh me

  • Emile_Mervin

    Chuck, it took a few years into Jagdeo’s tenure before I vigorously opposed his presidency, because I believe there should be room or space to take corrective action after being repeatedly outed on illegalities or excesses. Jagdeo deliberately ignored all warnings because he became arrogant and hid behind the presidential immunities in the Constitution. And to prove he was wrong, look at where the PPP is today: on the outside looking in.

  • Emile_Mervin


    You obviously are new to Guyana’s popular blog sites, but that is no excuse to flaunt your unrestrained ignorance. I never attack Indians because my great grandfather, on my paternal side, hails from India.

    I have been critical of Jagdeo and the PPP, not because of race, but because he/PPP ran a corrupt government that did not even care for the very support base he/it is now pretending to lead. You want evidence? Well, enough members of the same support base deserted him and the PPP in 2015.

    As for your 2020 projections, I will wager you will be shocked. As long as Jagdeo is leading the PPP, there won’t be a change of government. Check the writing on the wall.