Child-father stabs woman to death

Last Updated on Monday, 17 October 2016, 16:28 by Denis Chabrol

A woman was stabbed to death by her child’s father Monday afternoon at about 2 O’clock, and police are on the manhunt for the assailant who escaped into the Corentyne backlands.

The dead woman has been identified as 38-year old Brusch of 20 Second Street, Ulverston, Corentyne, Berbice. Police said they are combing the thickly vegetated backlands for 43-year old Winston Benjamin who lived at 20 Second Street, Ulverston.


The woman was attacked and stabbed several times while she was at a nearby shop purchasing sugar.

Brush ran into the shopkeeper’s  kitchen while Benjamin fled the scene.  She was rushed to rushed to the Port Mourant Hospital where doctors confirmed that she had already died.