Woman convicted for attempting to smuggle ganja into police lockup

Last Updated on Wednesday, 28 September 2016, 15:54 by Denis Chabrol

Twenty-two year-old Rachael McLean on Wednesday found herself paying a $15,000 fine and doing community service for attempting to smuggle  two grams of marijuana into a police lockups.

The facts state that on September 27, at the Brickdam lockups, the mother of twins approached Constable Timmerman and handed over a meal for her brother who was in the lockups.

Following procedure, the officer examined the contents of the food box and found therein a clear ziploc bag with the suspected drugs.

The contents were later weighed and tested and the defendant charged for the offense.

In court, McLean pleaded guilty and apologized to Magistrate Ann McLennan. “I’m very sorry, I was confused and got carried away. And I’m sorry for having something like that in my possession,” she said.

Mc Lean was then fined and sentenced to eight weeks community service at the Georgetown Magistrates Court.

Failure to comply could land McLean in prison for six months.

by Abigail Semple