Violent storm damage several houses on Leguan

Last Updated on Monday, 5 September 2016, 23:00 by Denis Chabrol


Photo taken from Fareed Khan’s Facebook

Residents on Leguan were up to late Monday trying to pick up the pieces after a freak storm damaged several houses and uprooted trees in the south-eastern side of that Essequibo Island.

Fareed Khan photo (from Facebook)

Fareed Khan photo (from Facebook)

Several residents confirmed that the storm blew off the roofs of at least five houses and damaged a mandir’s roof at Blenheim on Sunday afternoon.

There were no reports of injuries.

Sources said electricity was restored to that section of the island on Monday,  after technicians replaced a pole and cables.  The storm tossed the roof of a wooden house off and slammed it into a utility pole sending it crashing to the ground and bursting cables.leguan_storm3

A number of fruit and coconut trees were also destroyed by the violent storm.

Leguan is an 18-square mile agriculture-dependent island with an estimated population of 4,200 living in 27 demarcated villages.