Guyana to establish onshore oil and gas logistics supply base

Last Updated on Tuesday, 6 September 2016, 6:52 by Denis Chabrol

The Ministry of Natural Resources has announced Government’s intention to establish an onshore oil and gas facility in Guyana with a view to fully optimising opportunities for the country in the area of petroleum exploration and production.

“The Ministry of Natural Resources, working in conjunction with the Ministries of Public Infrastructure and Business, believes that this facility is a critically needed one and is part of the raft of measures intended to ensure that Guyana keeps on the right trajectory in the development of the oil and gas industry,” the Natural Resources Ministry said in a statement issued early Tuesday morning.

Government informed that the development of onshore infrastructure is critical to the success of the offshore oil and gas activities, and it is expected that this logistics and supply base will be able to serve the sector as a whole.

“Government believes that as the industry continues to evolve early plans must be put in place to harness the synergies and benefits that will arise from this and other necessary infrastructure including, providing much needed employment to large numbers of Guyanese workers,” the ministry added.

Onshore facilities normally include shipyard, port facilities oil field waste disposal, oil spill response, electric power infrastructure, support and heliport facilities, platform fabrication support and numerous other services which are provided in keeping with requests from operators and industry standards.

The Government of Guyana says it is currently reviewing several locations  as part of the consideration for the establishment of the facility that is expected to be established in collaboration with the private sector in a public/private partnership and in keeping with industry standards.