Gunning down of man by licensed firearm owner justifies need to revoke some gun licenses

Last Updated on Wednesday, 24 August 2016, 14:10 by Denis Chabrol

Hours after a man was shot dead and his female companion seriously injured allegedly by a licensed firearm holder, Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan on Wednesday said that incident is a striking example of why some gun permits have to be revoked.

“We got a lot of people , who are not mentally sound in this place, and they carry arms,” he told reporters after the launch of a Citizen Security Project being funded by the Inter American Development Bank (IDB).

The Guyana Police Force is treating the killing of 25-year old Colin Perreira of Barr Street, Kitty as murder and the gunshot injury of 20-year old Gail Ann Chacon as attempted murder at about 9:10 PM at Perry Street, TucVille. “It’s an extremely sad story. I could not believe that someone- from what I’m being told- just see a car parked, turn into his driveway and he comes down like a cowboy and start shooting,” he said.

Chacon’s condition was listed as critical.

Investigators have been told that the Perreira was driving a heavily tinted motor car, with the other victim seated in the front passenger seat, attempted to turn around the vehicle, on the space in front the suspect’s residence. “In the process, the suspect who was in his yard, drew his licensed handgun and discharged several rounds at the vehicle, hitting the victims about their bodies,” police said.

The suspect has since been taken into custody, police said.

The Public Security Minister reiterated that he was going ahead with his annual review of firearm licenses to determine whether they should be revoked or renewed.  Considerations will be whether businesses owners still handle large amounts cash if their enterprises have gone bankrupt, if they had ever met the criteria in the first place and whether they were charged with serious offences. “I intend to go back and do the checks every year, they get mentally depressed, who were very valid applicants years ago so we have to an undergoing process and if the ongoing process is going to realize a revocation, I think it is good ,” he said.

Less than one month ago, an elderly gold miner shot his wife in her mouth before turning the gun on himself and committing suicide.

Ramjattan has said that the massive exercise to review all gun licenses would eventually lead to a safer Guyana.