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Afro-Guyanese achieved more under PPP- Jagdeo

Former President Bharrat Jagdeo on Wednesday said the records show that Afro-Guyanese have achieved more during the PPP’s 23-year rule, even as he maintained that the David Granger-led administration has been discriminating against Indo-Guyanese.

“In terms of business ownership, in the tenure of the PPP at no time in our history have there been so many Black-owned businesses for every type of service,” he said. They range from security, computer, hairdressing, taxi service and construction. “I am prepared to put our record on the line comparatively…our record will speak for itself,” he said.

Jagdeo recalled that the predominantly Afro-Guyanese public sector that had been eventually pauperized due to the devaluation of the Guyana dollar in the 1980s that had resulted in a decline in the minimum wage to US$25.00.

Afro-Guyanese, Indo-Guyanese and Amerindians, he said, have made “tremendous progress under the PPP. “I am proud of that record and I am prepared to put that record on the line, not the gaff of some of these fringe elements but real, hardcore, fact-based assessments that you will see the progress,” he said.

He added that under the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPPC)-led administration, the predominantly Afro-Guyanese town of Linden got a brand new hospital, two new secondary schools, new  housing schemes at Amelia’s Ward and Block 22, a new potable water supply system and subsidized electricity, Other achievements by Afro-Guyanese, he listed, were access to land, public service jobs and home ownership. “I am proud of our record how we have moved this country forward and a lot of our people, in fact all of our people made progress,” he said.

The former Guyanese leader highlighted the removal of street lights from Bath Settlement since the APNU+AFC took office as an example of racial discrimination against Indo-Guyanese, while spending GYD$100 million in installing street lights in Linden and Sophia.

Now Opposition Leader, Jagdeo reasoned that since the current APNU+AFC elected officials had criticized the then People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPPC) of racial discrimination against Afro-Guyanese then those office holders could also be classified as racists. He observed that only when Indian rights are being defended that people like himself are deemed racists while Afro-Guyanese speak out against discrimination they are labeled “freedom fighters.” “If that’s the standard, then this government is made up of a bunch of racists,” said Jagdeo.

He noted that APNU+AFC political appointees such as Professor Clive Thomas, Professor David Hinds, Desmond Trotman, Tacuma Ogunseye, Foreign Affairs Minister Carl Greenidge and President David Granger have all claimed that Afro-Guyanese were being discriminated against. “The President has to be racist too for saying some of the things that he has done in the past and he continues to say so I will not stop representing people,” said Jagdeo.

Jagdeo maintained that his criticisms of the Guyana government about discrimination against Indo-Guyanese and other PPP supporters  in remarks to a social gathering in Queens, New York was nothing new. He said the PPP remained in office for 23 years because “we have been even handed” to all of Guyana’s race groups. “No government can be as partisan as this government and last in the long term” he said. “It’s true and I repeat it here again. It discriminates against Afro-Guyanese,” he said, adding that Afro-Guyanese and Amerindians, who support the PPP, are also “facing the brunt of assault from government.”

The Opposition Leader has already stated that the PPP’s mission is to consolidate its Indo-Guyanese support base and reach out to non-traditional supporters.

  • Col123

    Pres. Granger already spoke about self empowerment and self employment because the government is not in the business of creating jobs. Now Jaggie is on his high horse with his state of the Republic address, bragging about how he made every body rich
    ……that the bandits now have opportunities and are self employed,with plenty jobs to rob his rich supporters every night . Now , things are going good… those with money are providing jobs for the self employed bandits…. which begs the question…why is the government taxing the job creators?

  • Col123

    Thanks ..relieved that you said “rent”…instead of “waste”… that would have been an insult to my alma mater..which happens to be in existence since 1867 in DC..

  • Col123

    You were the guy who said that the criminals should be another post …and that Guyanese lived in fear for 23 yrs..and and here, you are complaining about 400 being shot….damn…some split personality!…my gosh…”4 house Nigga’s”!!!

    • PETER

      You are truly a moronic ppp soup boy, roger khan is serving time in an American jail not because he missed Sunday School, he was a drug dealer and a killer, he said in an American court that he was hired by the jagdeo government to fight crime in Guyana, So basically he was above Rohee, the Police Force, Special Branch and all the crime fighting organizations in Guyana.
      Yet when jagdeo was asked about roger khan he claimed he don’t know him or never met him. So what we have here is a little short insignificant piece of shit coolie boy running around Guyana killing Afro Guyanese men and the then President jagdeo don’t know him or about him.
      As to the 28 years you are talking about, burnham looked out more for the coolie man and enslaved the blackman he knew that black people didn’t have what he wanted, show me a black man or black woman who got rich under burnham, I could show you Toolsie, Gafoor, Gobin, Muneswhar’s, Beharry, Kayman Sankar, and a whole lot of coolie men who got richer under burnham and they never ran from Guyana, the one black man who got really rich on his own was Fredrick Mahaica and brunhan broke him and took everything he had. So before you shout off at your stupid mouth get your facts right.

      • Col123

        Your comment which I have addressed has two points…Don’t pivot and rupture a vessel…we black folks are very susceptible to essential hypertension …so lets stay on topic…I can address your other concerns about those rich coolie men in another space….The PNC has Freddie as their soup, I have a right also…You comment point, among others was the death of 400 Afro Guyanese…and your held position in another column ” shoot to kill these parasites regardless of race, colour or creed, it will send a hard message”…That “piece of shit coolie boy” took out those 400 freedom fighters who were armed with AK 47s and grenades….it was an even did not send a message….those Indos are still getting robbed and killed almost daily, by bandits….RK is in jail..period…you can unpack the events linking others..
        The other point was about those “4 house niggas” in the PPP…to which I would complete the predicate of my response with the fact, that you did not make any comparison with those coalie phallic suckers in the PNC/AFC…

  • Col123

    Pugnacious …at best.. keep going..

    • Reason

      Big respect to your alma mater.

  • Reality 2015

    Jagdeo list the state property that you allowed to be privatized by an afro Guyanese

  • Danny Persaud

    Ur 100% pnc idiot…thanks for showing it..
    Ur a blind bat.
    MR,Jagdeo says it how it is..facts is facts…

  • Col123

    “The oppressed are allowed once every few years to decide which particular representatives of the oppressing class are to represent and repress them.”…Good luck with your kith and kin politics…and pride with your ethnic qualitative superiority .