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Dismissed: Case against woman charged with racial hostility towards Granger on Facebook

The case against a woman, who was charged with racial hostility and ill-will to President David Granger on Facebook, was Thursday dismissed by Chief Magistrate, Ann Mc Lennan.

The case against Bibi Safoora Salim of Vergenoegen, East Bank Essequibo was thrown out after her lawyer convinced the court that the charge was void because the particulars of the charge did not state how her posting on Facebook violated the Racial Hostility Act.

While her posts on Facebook and WhatsApp were hostile, there were no details in the charge as it related to racial hostility towards the Guyanese leader.

She had been initially placed on GYD$200,000 bail when the case was first called in April, 2016.

Police had said that Salim had committed the offence on Facebook between March 1 and 31, 2016 and during that same period she had attempted to excite hostility and ill will to Granger by making a derogatory remark by sending to her son Mohamed Salim by cellular phone a picture with racial comments.


  • Col123

    Damn!.. These Guyanese lawyers seem to be well schooled!…well..we learn from this that some folks are overt racists and the others are covert…We need to be more cautious,sensitive and be aware of those covert racists..

    • rudeo

      explain…..i am puzzled

      • Col123

        This young women was flagrant and vocal about her “racial hostility “..”racial comment” in a public venue..she is out of the closet…she can be sanctioned socially, censured and be blacklisted (pardon the use)..we know who she is…We only have to watch our backs against those racists who are in the closet…and there are out there in denial..spewing their venom.

  • rs dasai

    Elementary. Should not have been charged in the first place. so how many more persons will be charged for making unintentional threats? And what of those who verbally abuse the President and the Leader of the Opposition?

  • Col123

    You can tell that I am not a lawyer…the charge may be weak… but she has no business “threatening ” anyone..if she did!