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Daily Archives: July 6, 2016

Eastern Caribbean High Court blocks removal of Guyana-registered plane from Anguilla

A Guyanese aviation company, Domestic Airlines, on Wednesday secured an injunction in the Eastern Caribbean High Court preventing the removal from Anguilla of a Cessna 206 plane, which was flown out of Guyana without aauthorisation. That plane and another one have been flown out of Guyana despite a Guyana High Court injunction. The ex-parte application for an interim injunction was ...

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Guyana’s manufacturers want Caricom tax waiver on inputs or they may “grind to a halt”

As the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) moves to rake in much needed revenue, manufacturing companies are being told that they must pay duties on raw materials for which waivers had been previously granted. President of the Guyana Manufacturers Association (GMSA), Eon Caesar said the GRA’s strict adherence to the rules had resulted in the two-week closure of Denmor Garment Company ...

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Port Kaituma residents protest poor roads, bad local governance

After a second straight day of protest by residents of Port Kaituma against deplorable roads and deteriorated local governance,  government has reportedly pledged GYD$7 million to fix the major thoroughfares. Executive Officer of Region One-(Barima Waini)-Leslie Wilburg told Demerara Waves Online News that he was unaware of the financing that has been reportedly pledged by Minister of Communities, Ronald Bulkan. ...

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Old Age Pension only for Guyanese residing in Guyana, govt says that’s the law!

Amid a public outcry against moves by the government to stop doling out Old Age Pension to overseas-based Guyanese, the Ministry of Social Protection on Wednesday insisted that it was merely sticking by the law. Guyanese 65 years and older are eligible for Old Age Pension which is different from National Insurance Scheme (NIS) pension,  retirement pension and social assistance. ...

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