Camp Street CoI: “The devil was busy that day” – Prisoner

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Errol Kesney

Errol Kesney

Murder accused Errol Kesney (Williams) on Thursday gave his testimony to the Commissioners of the Commission of Inquiry into the Camp Street unrest where he detailed what occurred from his point of view.

32-year-old Kesney told the Commissioners that on Friday March 3, as the prisoners were making their way out of the block; they turned back, fearful that they would have been beaten by the ranks.

“I didn’t get to come out some of the guys them who were already at the door come out first,” he said adding “everybody start run back and say them beating them man them beating them man leh we don’t go out they gon beat all of we leh we go in back.”

He said that after this bit of confusion, a prison officer he identified as “Mr Hooligan” proceeded to lock the doors to the division.

“I hear a call say lock the door and a short officer in Khaki I think is Hooligan them is call he, he lock the door…Mr Hooligan say lock the door,” he said.

Kesney, under cross examination stated too that it wasn’t until after they were back inside of the block that they noticed the smoke all around. At first, he couldn’t determine whether it was a fire or just smoke.

“After the black smoke everybody start running and hollering we want come out we want come out – open the de door…One of me pardna turn and holler is gas they throwing is gas they throwing and we turn round and lock the door,” the inmate stated.

The man told the Commissioners that onto this day he can still feel the heat from the fire.

“The heat still in my skin, I feeling hot, my skin feeling hot,” he said.

Asked what he felt went wrong that day, Kesney declared “I think the devil was busy that day” adding “ I was in a corner praying and God saved me.”(Jomo Brusheildon Paul)