Attorney General, Anil Nandlall square off over ‘vehicle fraud’

Last Updated on Tuesday, 16 February 2016, 16:01 by Writer

A heated exchange between Attorney General Basil Williams and his predecessor Anil Nandlall in the National Assembly on Tuesday as the Attorney General alleged that there were moves afoot to defraud the state of millions.

Williams was questioned as to the allocations made for the purchase of a vehicle in 2015 and he revealed that the Government had budgeted over 16M for the purchase of a new vehicle but instead was given a reconditioned vehicle.

The Attorney General explained to the House that the provisions were made in the Budget before he ascended to office.

Nandlall rejected this claim stating that if there were moves afoot to defraud the State, the Attorney General ought to take steps to address the matter.

“I am saying to this House that the Budget that was presented to this House had in it a vehicle. That Budget was signed for the Honorable Attorney General and he presented it…If he is saying that the state was defrauded I want him to say what he is doing.” Nandlall told the House.

He charged that Williams amended the Budget to include the vehicle and the police should be called in to investigate the allegations.

To this, Williams retorted that the matter would be dealt with at the level of the Auditor General and in the Public Accounts Committee.

Other PPP Members including Irfaan Ali and Juan Edghill also raised questions on the purchase of the vehicle.

Edghill pointed out that half of the monies allocated for the purchase in 2015 were used hence the Minister should provide an explanation for such.

Williams again stated that the matter would be addressed by the Auditor General but noted that half of the money was paid to the supplier but steps have been taken to recover that sum.