“We are a government of grown-ups” – Jordan defends “geriatric” gov’t

Last Updated on Friday, 12 February 2016, 19:06 by Writer

Throughout the week there has been several heckles and statements made by Opposition Members of Parliament branding the APNU+AFC government as a “government of geriatrics.”

However, on the final day of the debates, as Finance Minister Winston Jordan did a “wind up” of his presentation, he defended the age of the Government to which he belongs.

He said that the incessant use of the word “geriatrics” would make it appear as though “being old is a disease to be scoff and scorned.”

“It seems to me that some honorable members of the Opposition have a problem with growing old…how else should one interpret their disparaging use of the word geriatrics when referring to honorable members of cabinet and members of the government side of the house,” Jordan added.

He reminded that persons of all ages and differences are protected under Guyana’s constitution and should not be discriminated against.

“This government consists of people who are not ashamed of ages…we are not scared of growing old…we are not afraid of going gray…We are a government of grown-ups (GOG) who bring experience and knowledge,” said Jordan.

Meanwhile, he stated too “budget 2016 has been a trending topic ever since its deliverance.”

Jordan noted too that it has “stimulated the consciousness of the citizenry.”

He said that the “Opposition led by its Leader has made up its mind about Budget 2016…in their mind it’s all doom and gloom made up of conspiracy theories.”