Budget 2016: Jordan announces increased subvention for NCN

Last Updated on Friday, 29 January 2016, 15:17 by Writer

In a surprise move on Thursday, Finance Minister Winston Jordan has announced that more money will be given as subvention to the National Communications Network (NCN).

Jordan made the announcement while delivering his speech for Budget 2016, which was presented to the National Assembly.

In 2015 NCN which fell under the remit of the Prime Minister in the new dispensation was also given a subsidy of $69.5M under the Office of the President and $27.2M under OPM.

This reflected a total of $96.7M heading in the direction of NCN.

Jordan in his speech stated that it is essential that public services touch every corner of our country and “to make this possible, the provision to the National Communication Network has been increased to cater for the establishment of new communication stations in the hinterland regions.”

He said that the intent is to extend the frequency of national radio and television to Guyana's Indigenous brothers and sisters in near and far flung areas.

“New stations will help to promote our Indigenous languages, culture and way of life while bridging the divide between coast and hinterland,” said Jordan.