Chopped robbery victim hacks bandit

Last Updated on Saturday, 14 November 2015, 17:29 by GxMedia

One of three men, who invaded a home at New Amsterdam and chopped an occupant, Berbice, has himself been hacked and arrested.

At about 0120h. today November 14, 2015, three men one armed with a shotgun and another with cutlass broken into the home of Nicholas Harrinandan 38 years, Tucberg Park, New Amsterdam.

Harrinandan armed himself with a cutlass and attacked the bandits during which he was chopped about the body. He however managed to inflict injuries on one of the bandits who has been identified as Brian Dhanphat 26 years, Smyth Field New Amsterdam.

The other two perpetrators escaped, but in their haste to do so abandon the shot gun which has been recovered by the police.

Harrinandam has been admitted at the NA Hospital along with Dhanphat who is under police guard.

Investigation are in progress.