French govt funds to transform hinterland health centres into hospitals

Last Updated on Friday, 6 November 2015, 20:27 by GxMedia

Minister of Public Health George Norton (second left), First Counsellor Deputy Chief of Mission of France Carolle Lucas (center) along with senior members of the Public Health Ministry

Minister of Public Health Dr. George Norton on Thursday disclosed that some of the funds provided by the French Government, under a government-to- government collaboration, will be used to transform health centres in the hinterland, into hospitals, to benefit the people there.

The disclosure was made during a courtesy call to Minister Norton, by the Deputy Chief of Mission, Carolle Lucas, who is based at the French Embassy in Suriname.

The Deputy Chief of Mission, in her remarks, stated that “France is pleased to be playing a part in the funding…. a sum of the monies granted to Guyana for a worthy cause, as this will benefit thousands of Guyanese.”

Minister Norton disclosed that part the funds received will go towards bringing awareness and educating the Guyanese public on HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis. He explained that there is an urgent need for this to be done, since it was observed that people have stopped taking precautions towards these illnesses, although there is readily available medication.

In addition, Minister Norton noted that the funds granted will also help in turning some of the health centres in hinterland areas into hospitals, as this will help provide treatment for those who cannot make it to Georgetown.

Ms. Lucas committed her full support to the Guyana Government, and urged Minister Norton to continue his good work, even as she acknowledged that a tough road is ahead of him. She however,  is confident that the Minister will accomplish everything he has set out to do.