Ptolemy Reid Rehab Centre accounts for all funds; Courts donates more to that institution

Last Updated on Thursday, 22 October 2015, 15:39 by GxMedia

Courts (Main Street) Branch Manager, Sharon Persaud handing over the GUY$100,000 cheque to Head Teacher of the Ptolemy Reid Rehabilitation Centre, Anand Mangru. At extreme left is Courts’ Public Relations and Marketing Officer, Roberta Ferguson.

Even as the Ptolemy Reid Rehabilitation Centre boasts of strict financial accountability, a leading home furnishing store in Guyana on Thursday ploughed GUY$100,000 into an event that the institution hopes would raise at GUY$1 million.

Head Teacher at the institution, Anand Mangru received GUY$100,000 from Courts’ Main Street Branch Manager, Sharon Persaud.

Mangru said the funds would go towards a fund-raising barbeque slated for Friday, October 23, 2015 at the Centre located on Carmichael Street, Georgetown. He said the institution has also received contributions from other businesses. The money raised from the event would be used to provide meals to the students.

He assured that the annual subvention received from government and donations from individuals and the private sector are all accounted for on an annual basis and spent only on assigned projects and programmes. “We try to use our resources carefully and whatever is given to us, we try to use it for what it is given,” he said.  Although funds might be required urgently for another area, he said the money would be spent only after seeking permission from the donor.

Touching on the use and accountability of the subvention, he said all documentation is prepared for an annual audit. “If we don’t keep ourselves credible, who will give us money,” he said.

Courts’ Public Relations and Marketing Officer, Roberta Ferguson said her company was always willing to assist because there is evidence that the Ptolemy Reid Rehabilitation Centre has been providing services successfully over the years. “Genuinely, they care for the people and that is not something we often see…That is something significant about them that they really look forward to seeing those that that they help get the help that they need,” she said.

“We are very happy to help them help others so that is why we are always working with them because we see results,” added Ferguson.

The Head Teacher expressed satisfaction with the work being done by the centre’s Therapy Department which he said is staffed by professional therapists.  “I have seen people come in there, can’t walk, can’t sit but they leave that place and they can walk independently so the therapy is doing wonders and carefully executes what is given or done to them,”  said Mangru.

The Ptolemy Reid Rehabilitation Centre provides audiology and prosthetic services for minimum cost recovery for the materials. The institution also offers dormitory and day care services for children with disability.

Currently, about 40 students live-in at the facility while 32 attend school daily and more than 40 receive therapy.