Bush fire on the East Coast Demerara

Last Updated on Saturday, 17 October 2015, 18:57 by GxMedia

A huge bush fire was Saturday raging at the Kersaint Park foreshore area, East Coast Demerara.

Fire Chief, Marlon Gentle said the fire was not a threat to anyone and fire fighters have decided to allow part to burn itself out.

The Guyana Fire Service received a report after 11 AM. He said the fire fighters hoped that the blaze would be extinguished by 4 PM Saturday, October 17, 2015. He said 60 percent of the area was no longer burning.

Gentle said a heavy wind was proving to be quite unhelpful. The Guyana Fire Service sourced water from a nearby canal.

Initial reports are that someone might have deliberately started the fire at a nearby garbage pile and, due to the hot dry spell, the fire spread to a wide expanse of vegetated area.