PPP identifies Jagdeo for Opposition Leader, Parliamentary list completed, Regional list with GECOM

Last Updated on Monday, 29 June 2015, 16:00 by GxMedia

Bharrat Jagdeo

by Zena Henry

The People’s Progressive Party /Civic (PPP/C) is still unaware as to how soon they will be entering the Eleventh Parliament, but they have identified former President Bharrat Jagdeo to be Opposition Leader.

The PPP’s list of members has been identified and the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) is in receipt of the party’s list of regional representatives.

This is according to General Secretary Clement Rohee at the party’s usual press briefing, Monday June 29, at their Robb Street location. Rohee supported statements made in an exclusive interview with another media outlet that the former president was tipped for Opposition Leader and it was only left for Jagdeo to accept the position.

“I could confirm that I did give the interview, I could confirm that I gave the interview to a Guyana Times correspondent and I could confirm that what was in the Guyana Times is what I said.” The report said that, “Jagdeo is seen as the most suitable candidate from a lineup of about five to lead the Party.” The five would have included, Rohee himself and former President Donald Ramotar. Although Rohee said in the article that a “final decision” has not been made in relation to Jagdeo, it was noted that he just has to accept the mandate.

However, Rohee was withdrawn from questions about Jagdeo’s ability to enter Parliament if he is convicted as he now faces a charge of “racial incitement” in a Berbice court. This charge carries a punishment of some three years imprisonment along with a fine.

The GS seemed unaware that the law disqualifies a member from Parliament if he/she is convicted of a matter. He charged that the matter should be published in the newspapers to be discussed publicly. “Why don’t you publish that and let it be contested in the public?” he insisted.

Rohee noted howeve, that a “total package” is expected when the party goes to Parliament, including, “the deputy speaker… if it comes to that.” “We have identified all 32 candidates,” for the National Assembly, the General Secretary said, but when asked about the submitting the parliamentary list he said, “Not as yet.”

Rohee had stated over the weekend that GECOM had rejected their list of regional candidates after “low level” staff said that no senior person was around to accept the document. He updated reporters that, “we have been able to submit the list electronically.” A hard copy was also sent to GECOM he clarified.

PPP Prime Ministerial candidate, newcomer, Elizabeth Harper was also among the names being speculated for a senior role in Parliament. She has gone off the scene for some time, and when questioned no definite answer was given by the GS as to her role in the party after its defeat, except that he was keeping contact and “suspected” that other senior party officials were also keeping contact. He said today when questioned about her again that that, “matter will also be revealed.”