Port Mourant businessman shot dead while resisting bandits

Last Updated on Monday, 29 June 2015, 10:17 by GxMedia

Residents of Ankerville, Port Mourant were Monday morning still coming to grips with the shooting death of a businessman at his poorly lit shop hours before.

Dead is 41-year old Rampersaud Shivcharran.

Police said that about 7 O’clock Sunday night, he was in his shop- Debbie’s Grocery and Liquor Shop- when two men armed with firearms entered the premises. Residents said that at the time of the incident, there was a power outage and the businessman opted to sell with the aid of candles instead of a generator.

Investigators were told that the men approached Shivcharran and a scuffle ensued during which he was shot to his chest.

Eyewitnesses said the men then escaped through a dam.

The businessman was taken to the Port Mourant Hospita where he was pronounced dead on arrival. Eyewitnesses said police took a very long time before the father of four was removed from the scene.

From all accounts, no money was removed from the scene because cash remained in the drawer.