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Nursery school student gets medical attention after ingesting rat poison

Last Updated on Thursday, 30 April 2015, 17:38 by GxMedia

Jada Sampson

by Zena Henry

A three-year-old student of the Roxanne Burnham Nursery school had to be rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) earlier today Thursday, April 30, after it was suspected that she had ingested rat poison while in class.

Information from the child’s mother Sharmain Richardson is that her daughter, Jada Sampson, may have collected the poisonous substance from another classmate who, after making the discovery, began to share it among his friends.

While it is unclear whether the other students had ingested the substance, Richardson said she rushed to the nursery school and took her daughter to the hospital after receiving a call from the class teacher.

Blood test and other procedures were performed on the child. While Demerara Waves interviewed the mother, doctors were awaiting on the results of the examinations to determine whether the poison was in the child’s blood stream.

Richardson said that she received the call from the school just after lunchtime with the teacher telling her she should go quickly because it was an emergency.

The mother claimed that when she arrived at the school she was informed that her daughter and several other students had the rat poison in their possession and it was suspected that Jada might have ingested it.

The mother said she immediately took her daughter to the health facility. She expressed discontent however that the school keeps denying that something had happened. The woman said when family and friends called to find out about her daughter and had called the school, teachers denied that anything had occurred.

She said that the school should at least try to “comfort” her over the situation instead of going all out to cover up the situation. “If something like that happen they are supposed to comfort me about it,” the mother said.

She explained that she, too, uses rat poison at home, but sets it late in the evenings and wakes up very early in the morning and removes it before the kids are up. The woman said her daughter has told her that she placed the poison in her mouth and then spit it out. In another instance, the child denies ever eating the substance and that is why, the woman said, she took her to the hospital to be absolutely sure.

 The mother has not contemplated any action against the school.