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Daily Archives: April 9, 2015

PPP-Civic warns that APNU+AFC will bring back food shortages

The People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPPC) Wednesday night warned supporters not to vote the opposition coalition into office or they would again endure food shortages that had led to malnutrition. Addressing a public meeting in that party’s traditional stronghold of Better Hope, East Coast Demerara, General Secretary of the PPP’s Women’s Progressive Organisation (WPO), Sheila Veerasammy told the group of ...

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Jagdeo summoned to court for race remarks at Babu John

Former President Bharrat Jagdeo has been summoned to appear in an East Berbice court to answer a private criminal charge that he uttered racially divisive remarks in violation of one of Guyana’s electoral laws. If found guilty by Magistrate Charlyn Artiga at the Whim Magistrates’ Court, he could be fined GUY$100,000 and jailed for two years. The Representation of the ...

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PPPC PM candidate says she is being blackmailed to settle her son’s case

People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPPC) Prime Ministerial Candidate, Elisabeth Harper Thursday dubbed revelations about her son’s indebtedness to two foreign investors as “blackmail” and heaped scorn on efforts to muscle a resolution through her political selection. “I strongly reject any attempt to use my political appointment to resolve this matter extra judicially or to influence the legal direction of the ...

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Fmr police detective among three injured in accident

A former police detective ‎is among three persons injured in an accident on the Mahaicony Public Road. He is 46 year old Vincent Blair. He sustained injuries to his head and chest. Blair is conscious. A source said a car stopped to allow Blair to disembark when a minibus slammed into the rear of the car. An unidentified woman was ...

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Foreign investor sues Elisabeth Harper’s son for US$3 million

The son of the People’s Progressive Party Civic’s (PPPC) Prime Ministerial candidate, Elisabeth Harper, is facing a lawsuit for at least US$3 million that had been provided to him for his company to invest in the mining sector. Harper toldDemerara Waves Online News that the matter is before a Guyanese Court several months ago. She is the guarantor for the ...

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ANALYSIS: The youth vote: catalyst for change or wishful thinking

It is said that the youth vote will be one of the deciding factors in the upcoming elections.  While there is little dispute that youths form a sizable voting segment, two questions are raised: What is an approximation of the numerical size of the group?  Secondly, and more importantly, if it is a potentially key voting constituent, will it actually ...

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