Blue CAPS launches manifesto, ‘Keep it Clean’ campaign

Last Updated on Saturday, 11 April 2015, 19:59 by GxMedia

Officials of Blue CAPS with copies of their manifesto.

The non-governmental organisation, Blue CAPS, on Saturday called for an end to “cuss out” politics, even as it launched its own manifesto of demands that it intends to press the new government to address.

“We decided that we will a proactive step and generate what we believe is an organic list of demands, that we can hold politicians accountable to not just based on their promises but also things that came from youth groups, minority groups and other niche organisations,” said Chairman of Blue CAPS, Michael Leonard.

He said Blue CAPS hopes to continue consultations with various interest-organisations as part of a process to refine the manifesto that is expected to have a life-span of more than 10 years. “Our manifesto is going to exist and going to grow for as long as those demands that we are setting out in the manifesto are not met,” he said.

Those demands include the need to hold long-delayed Local Government Elections and engage in Constitutional Reform. The seven-page manifesto focuses on Democracy and Governance, Human Rights, Economic Affairs and Development and Health.

Among the areas of priority are a structured programme to address mental health, procurement and concessions, violence by state institutions, and consensus-driven political decision-making.

Speaking at the launching of the “Keep It Clean Vote 2015” campaign, Blue CAPS Director Stefan Singh said politicians and the wider citizenry are being targeted to ensure that they the political landscape is “kept clean and free from anything that does not promote racial harmony.”

Singh said politically deviant behaviour could include racial-baiting, racist statements, remarks, and  hate-mongering. “It is highly unnecessary and unethical to use destructive methods and racists remarks.  This behaviour only serves to continue the cuss-out culture that still prevails in the political landscape,” he said.

The Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) Media Monitoring Unit (MMU) recently reported that remarks on the issue of race by Former President Bharrat Jagdeo at Babu John, Corentyne early last month were unhealthy.

 Blue CAPS urged youths to turn out in their numbers to cast their ballots for the party of their choice that they believe offers the best policies for Guyana’s development.