Blue CAPS “remains politically neutral” although Urling joins PPPC slate

Last Updated on Tuesday, 7 April 2015, 17:11 by GxMedia

Clinton Urling

The non-governmental civil society organisation, Blue CAPS, was Monday busy defending its integrity and political neutrality after its Founder, city businessman Clinton Urling announced that he would be on the incumbent People’s Progressive Party Civic’s list of candidates for the May 11, 2015 general and regional elections.

Urling is still a member of Blue CAPS.

Following is a statement by Blue CAPS.

The revelation that the former Chairman and Founder of the social change group, Blue C.A.P.S, Clinton Urling will be appearing on the People’s Progressive Party/Civic’s List of Candidates has received very mixed reactions.

We would like to be pellucid in our statement that all members of Blue C.A.P.S. are free to exercise their constitutionally guaranteed right to join any political party or form their own party, should they desire.

Blue C.A.P.S aims to increase youth participation in decision-making and leadership, especially the political process. Therefore, we fully respect and support any member or other individual who wants to be more meaningfully involved in the political process in order to make their contribution to Guyana’s development.

Blue C.A.P.S. remains politically neutral and will continue to advocate its positions regardless of the party that is victorious in the next General Elections, specifically the holding of Local Government Elections along with the many points and policy suggestions determined by its Committees.

It is time we return focus to the issues and avoid mudslinging and slander.