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Coalition eyes prosperous agro-based economy in Essequibo

Last Updated on Sunday, 5 April 2015, 19:24 by GxMedia

APNU+AFC Presidential Candidate, David Granger addressing the rally on Saturday at Damon Square, Anna Regina.

Residents of  Pomeroon-Supenaam desirous of getting into small and medium scale production of food and other items could soon receive a boost if the opposition wins the May 11, 2015 general and regional elections.

A Partnership for National Unity+ Alliance For Change (APNU+AFC) Presidential Candidate, David Granger told a large rally at Damon Square, Essequibo Coast on Saturday that his administration would fund certain industries to process fruits, vegetables and provisions for local and Caribbean markets.

“My brothers and sisters of Region Two everything that you produce could be sold in the Eastern Caribbean,” he told the quite attentive gathering.

He promised that a coalition-led government would provide cassava mills to make  high-quality bread and farine. Also being offered are packaging machinery, stoves and bottling equipment to help Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam) produce and pack juices, guava cheese, tamarind balls and other items.

“You need a new government not a new pair of hands. You need a government that is going to provide you with the education and the skills, the talent and you need a government that is going provide you with the equipment and APNU will help you to become entrepreneurs,” he said.

He hinted that some of the equipment would be financed through loans and “when we lend you money you have to pay back.”

Linked to successful agro-based economy, Granger proposed, would be the delivery of appropriate technical and agricultural education. “We are serious about education from nursery to university,” he said.  Incentives for education, he said, would include free meals, uniforms, textbooks and a school boat. “Every child will have transport to get to school. Down with these canoes! They will get a school boat so they don’t have to get to school tired and sweaty,” he said.

Apparently referring to the incumbent People’s Progressive Party Civic’s (PPPC) administration’s distribution of sewing machines, solar panels and other items to Amerindian communities, the APNU+AFC presidential candidate said “handouts” would not be provided.